How to get Golden Koi in Genshin Impact

After acquiring the fishing pole in Genshin Impact, you’ll be able to start collecting all types of rare fish. To obtain the Golden Koi, you’ll first need to make sure you have the right bait as well as the best Fishing Points to find these beautiful creatures. Completing the Exploding Population world quest will automatically […]

How to get the fishing pole in Genshin Impact

With the Genshin Impact 2.1 update, Travelers can now collect various types of fish all over Teyvat. To begin your journey as a respected angler, you’ll first need to find the Exploding Population world quest in your journal and toggle it as active. Speak with Katheryne at the Mondstadt Adventurer’s Guild desk to find out […]

How to watch the Genshin Impact 2021 Concert

Genshin Impact’s one-year anniversary is quickly approaching, and miHoYo is celebrating the game’s milestone with various events—one of which is a concert special, titled “Melodies of an Endless Journey.” With Maestro Dirk Brossé and the Flanders Symphony Orchestra lending their talents to this production, “Melodies of an Endless Journey” pays tribute to the many different […]

How to get Rowan in Boyfriend Dungeon

In Kitfox Games’s Boyfriend Dungeon, players go on dates with characters who shapeshift into different types of weapons. The higher your relationship rank, the more perks you’ll unlock with your weapon-beau, which is super helpful for exploring the dunji and defeating enemy hordes. For players who prefer an edgier approach to hack-and-slashing rather than, say, […]