Genshin Impact Yougou Cleansing Guide

Yougou Cleansing is the last objective in Genshin Impact’s Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual questline. Travelers should prepare for an extremely challenging battle ahead, as this final boss—Miasmic Tumor—isn’t holding back on the punches. Meet Kazari outside the entrance to the depths. This entrance is located some distance beneath Grand Narukami Shrine, so just glide down […]

How to farm Perpetual Heart in Genshin Impact

Perpetual Heart is a 4-star material in Genshin Impact, which can only be obtained by defeating Perpetual Mechanical Array in Inazuma. Perpetual Heart is a Character Ascension material for Ayaka, so all Genshin Impact players looking to level up the Inazuman Princess must first collect this item from Perpetual Mechanical Array. Related: How to get […]