11 Best Mods for Final Fantasy XIV

A great mod is like a love letter to a video game, and FFXIV has received lots of love letters since its 2010 debut. Mods are typically created by dedicated players who want to correct a certain issue through retexturing, recoloring, or organizing an unruly element. The general rule about using mods in FFXIV (and […]

Best Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Online jobs are called “jobs” for a reason—whichever route you take determines the role you’ll be expected to perform for not only yourself, but the rest of your party as well. After all, no one wants a half-hearted healer or unmotivated tank in the middle of a tough battle! Read on to […]

Best Classes in Final Fantasy XIV

Picking your starting class in any RPG can be a daunting task (yes, even more daunting than the amount of time it takes to customize your character just right). Not with Final Fantasy XIV! This game allows you to switch your class at virtually any time you’d like, so there’s no need to make a […]

Best Races to choose in FFXIV

While each race in Final Fantasy XIV boasts different attributes, the truth is that these advantages are too minimal to make a top priority when selecting your race. This choice is more geared towards your own personal aesthetic, so if you want to be a Miqo’te simply for the sake of playing as a catgirl […]

How to unlock Red Mage in FFXIV

The Red Mage, introduced in the Stormblood expansion along with Samurai, is an attractive job option for Final Fantasy XIV players who can’t choose between physical and magical attacks. Red Mage combines powerful spells with offensive melee strikes, so with your stylish rapier in hand, you can have the best of both worlds! To unlock […]