How to defeat all bosses in Code Vein

Code Vein boss fight
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Code Vein is an action role-playing game that brings the story of a destroyed civilization and Revenants, heroes who fight for the seemingly lost cause. You'll complete quests and fight mindless Lost creatures using the power of Gifts given in exchange for memories.

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It's very captivating, but at the end of the day, it's all about the skills needed to defeat the strongest Lost monsters. So, to become the best, you must know how to defeat all bosses in Code Vein. Now that's a challenge worth fighting for!

How to beat every boss in Code Vein

Every boss in Code Vein needs a unique tactic and appropriate hero build. Most of these monsters are not that hard to defeat once you know their weaknesses. But you'll still have to be up to your best to bring them down. As it usually goes, the first boss is more or less a punching bag, but in Code Vein, there are no easy wins.

How to defeat Oliver Collins in Code Vein

Oliver Collins is at first your ally, but after the accident with the mask, he becomes Lost. Now he just wants to end your existence with his gigantic hammer. As he's the first boss you'll encounter in Code Vein, he's here to test your skills and prepare you for what's to come. To beat Oliver Collins, you must do two basic things—dodge and counter-attack.

This guy is big, strong, and slow, so the best approach is to wait for him to finish his attack and strike him while he recovers. When his health drops below 50%, he will become a massive monster with a dangerous area of effect attack. Don't panic, just continue to the same routine: dodge the attack, counter-attack, and run away. Before you know it, poor Oliver will be put to rest.

How to beat Butterfly of Delirium in Code Vein

Butterfly of Delirium is a great reminder of how this game is sometimes wickedly unfair. This boss comes early in the game but is really tough. The Butterfly is very fast and has poison attacks, so bring some antivenom if you want to survive. When she comes flying toward you, run as fast as you can and dodge. But you'll still need to attack, and the key to defeating Butterfly of Delirium is close combat.

She has a vast array of spells, but if you dodge toward her, you'll not just evade them but also have a chance for a counter-attack. Doing this gives you a few seconds to attack until she recovers. Don't be greedy, as she won't just stand around waiting for you to kill her. Butterfly of Delirium has a lot of projectiles if you're keeping distance and a few tricks for close combat. But if you stick to the proven hit, run, and forward dodge strategy, you'll be fine.

How to defeat Insatiable Despot in Code Vein

Insatiable Despot is a typical big and powerful but slow boss. Although he's strong, fighting these types of enemies is always easier than the fast ones. At first, just try to fight it face to face, either from a distance or in close combat. Either way, try to evade his slow but strong attacks and strike while he's recovering. He will launch a crystal that summons more enemies if you prefer range combat.

It's imperative to destroy summoning crystals as soon as possible as you don't need more monsters to fight against. If you're doing everything right, Despot will evolve and change his approach in phase two of the battle. This time, try to get him from behind, as he'll employ a series of frontal attacks. To do that, look to dodge forward as often as possible to put yourself in the best position to strike.

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How to beat Invading Executioner in Code Vein

Invading Executioner is one of those tricky bosses you'll have no pleasure dealing with. She's quick, strong, and a top of that, has combo attacks that are hard to evade. So be prepared for many death screens until you figure out how to stay alive. Suffering and brutal fights are the bread and butter of Code Vein, so treat this as just another battle.

As your attack will come in short spurts, focus on poison to wear her down. You can also try to stun her but forget about slowing her down as she's immune to that (she does slow you though). Most of the time, you'll be dodging her AoE attacks and trying to hit her once or twice. Executioner strikes quickly, and you'll inevitably be hit (especially with slides). So be prepared for some hard lessons if you want to defeat Invading Executioner in Code Vein.

How to defeat Argent Wolf Berserker in Code Vein

Argent Wolf Berserker is slow and hits hard, but don't ever think he's an easy target. First of all, he wields an enormous mace, allowing him great range for melee attacks. He's swinging it fast, so be ready to dodge a lot. But even at a distance, you're not safe as Berserker has a dangerous AoE attack. Luckily, he will first charge it up, and you'll know this by the red aura that appears around him.

The best way to beat Argent Wolf Berserker is to dance around and attack him from behind. Just run around in circles, avoiding his attacks and doing a lot backstabbing. Always be on the move, wait for the right opportunity and strike quickly. You won't have a problem defeating this guy if your reflexes are reasonable.

How to beat Successor of the Ribcage in Code Vein

Successor of the Ribcage looks very strange as it's a half-woman and half-wolf. At first, it seems more like a spider as it has two sets of arms plus human legs. But that's not as important as your mission to destroy it. Fighting this creature is a different experience relative to other bosses as it doesn't move—it teleports from one end of the room to another!

At first, it'll look like mission impossible to avoid all those AoE spells. But this room has pillars from both sides for a reason. Take cover behind them when Successor of the Ribcage attacks with electricity, beams, and bolts. She needs time to teleport, so when you recognize that, run to the opposite side of the hall to be ready for a melee attack. Learning her preparations for each spell will give you a greater chance of evading them and counter-attacking.

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How to defeat Successor of the Breath in Code Vein

How should you defeat a massive, strong, and fast boss that attacks by jumping on you? There's no easy answer for this, as Successor of the Breath quickly negates distance if you like to attack from long range. But there is hope! The trick is to bait him to attack first, and when he jumps, dodge and hit.

This is not nearly as easy as it sounds, because he quickly spins his shield after the jump attack. The best chance to strike is when the Successor pulls the ice tip from the ground. That moves gives you enough time to hit him a few times and run away. Be ready to dodge a lot, even a few times in a row, as this guy loves combo moves.

How to defeat Successor of the Claw in Code Vein

Successor of the Claw is an excellent example of how fast is not always furious. In contrast to other bosses that require a lot of dodging, some tank strategy is much more efficient. Instead of run and gun tactics, head straight into the fight, block attacks and strike as hard as possible. For this to work, use fire protection potions and Gifts to buff your resistance.

Don't worry; there will be opportunities for evasion, especially when she charges at you. In that case, you know the drill, dodge and hit. To speed up the process, use venom attacks as she's vulnerable to it. If you do everything right, you'll destroy this fire kitten quickly.

How to defeat The Queen's Knight in Code Vein

The Queen's Knight is an absolute nightmare to fight, as he loves to charge and (in the second phase) teleport and attack from above. He has a lot of moves at his disposal, from shield bashes and sword attacks to dashes and leaps. But the good news is that the Knight often needs time to prepare for a strike. Try to recognize what he wants to do and act accordingly.

The second phase of the battle is where you have to be at your best to defeat The Queen's Knight. Now he can teleport and strike from the air, even several times in a row. When he does that, dodge until he lands and then hit him with all you got. Be sure to back off in time, as Knight can retaliate quickly. Later in the game, you'll face The Queen's Knight Reborn boss, an upgraded version of this guy.

How to kill Gilded Hunter in Code Vein

Gilded Hunter is one of the most challenging fights in Code Vein, and that speaks a lot. This warrior is all about swift melee attacks combined with AoE spells. He's constantly moving, so you'll need to concentrate all the time. The best strategy is also to move constantly, waiting for the right opportunity for a counter-attack. That chance will come after you dodge some of his attacks, so be patient.

If you think the Gilded Hunter fight is complicated, wait until you reach phase two of battle! He will then go berserk and start a seemingly endless series of attacks. This phase is very short as it is a race to see who can hit harder and faster. Don't wait for the perfect opportunity, just go all in and hope for the best. Good luck!

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How to defeat Successor of the Throat in Code Vein

Unlike most other Code Vein bosses, Successor of the Throat doesn't move much. But she's still hard to kill with all her AoE attacks. Her favorite attack is a two hit sand-arm attack, which is not that dangerous. Stick close to her, block the hits, and try to deal as much damage as possible.

In the second phase, expect many tornadoes to drop around her. You can't defend against this, so retreat to a safe distance and wait for the storm to end. As soon as she's finished with this, get close and start hitting. She will repeat the tornado attacks, so be prepared to retreat in time.

How to defeat Blade Bearer and Cannoneer in Code Vein

For many players, this fight is arguably the most brutal in the Code Vein. The reason is simple; you have to fight two bosses simultaneously! This battle can be challenging, as all the strategies you learned by now don't apply. And to complicate the matter, Blade Bearer and Cannoneer have great attack synergy. The first is the definition of speed, while the former is all about heavy damage.

The best way to beat Cannoneer and Blade Bearer is to pick a melee fighter companion to split duties. While he bothers with Blade Bearer, you can concentrate on eliminating Cannoneer. He's almost stationary, so you just need some time away from the other boss to defeat him. If you're up for a challenge, try this fight without help. In that case, focus on Blade Bearer as Cannoneer is more or less an immovable object. Be patient, don't rush attacks, and you'll be fine... Eventually.

How to defeat Attendant of the Relics in Code Vein

Attendant of the Relics is, at the same time, one of the easier and most thrilling bosses. Unlike all others, she looks and fights just like you. That's an interesting twist, as she's a carbon copy of your Revenant ally Io. She's not that dangerous; her health is not that great, but she has some dangerous combos, so be careful.

How to beat Juzo Mido in Code Vein

As you dive more into the game, the bosses of Code Vein are even more dangerous. One of them is Juzo Mido, who deals heavy damage and can kill you with a few blows. Open confrontation is out of the question, so try to move around and hit when he finishes his combo move animation.

The second battle phase is even more challenging as Juzo Mido now has black orbs at his disposal. They will follow you, then they'll turn red and explode after a while. Wait for that moment and dodge when they combine and change color. To deliver maximum damage, try to be close to him. He will try to create distance, but don't let him get away too much.

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How to defeat Skull King in Code Vein

Skull King is a mighty boss, but he has predictable attacks. You should be well versed in this kind of slow-footed boss by now. First things first, don't get caught by his swords. Like many others before him, wait for the right time to strike. The best moment is perhaps when he's finishing his combo moves. Get behind him, hit him a few times, and back off. Be patient, as this guy has tons of health.

The second phase of the battle brings even more carnage. He'll swing his swords and do a lot of AoE damage around him. Don't try to absorb damage as you won't last long. Try to dodge every attack and hit when you're safe enough. Don't take risks in this phase, and you'll eventually beat Skull King.

How to beat The Virgin Born in Code Vein

The Virgin Born is the final boss in Code Vein. You'll have to stay behind it as much as possible to defeat it. From there, you can hit its legs which deal minor damage. Of course, the boss will constantly move around and attack you, so you'll have to avoid this and try to hide behind the creature. The Virgin Born has a massive arsenal of attacks, but it all comes down to dodging and running to its legs. You can always try to be a hero and confront it directly, but that can end badly.

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How to defeat all bosses in Code Vein

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