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30 Best Fallout 4 Mods in 2023

Spice up your Fallout 4 experience but trying these in-game mods!

Fallout 4 is almost as popular as Skyrim when it comes to being an evergreen title that players continue to enjoy for years after its release. A major reason the game continues to stay enjoyable and fresh is due to player-made mods. Even if you've played the game several times, mods allow you to keep playing and enjoying it with new features and content never seen before. Here are some of the best ones you should try for yourself today.

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30 Best Fallout 4 Mods to Download in 2023

Full Dialogue Interface

Image via Cirosan and shadwar

If you're tired of your dialogue choices not lining up with what your character will actually say, this mod is a must-get. This will allow you to see the complete dialogue word for word before you choose any while laying them out in a clear list with the corresponding button prompts. It is compatible with PC or console and includes plenty of language translations.

Download Full Dialogue Interface (here).

Looks Menu Customization Compendium

Image via AGodComplexPikachu

Creating your character is one of the best parts of Fallout 4, with tons of customization options that allow for a truly unique character of your choosing. However, if you've already played the game a few times, you may be looking for fresh options to update and expand upon your character customization. The Look Menu Customization Compendium adds tons of new selections from tattoos, hair colors, makeup, scars, and more.

Download Looks Menu Customization Compendium (here).

True Storms - Wasteland Edition

Image via fadingsignal

True Storms is one of Skyrim's top-rated mods, and it's now made its way over to Fallout 4, bringing in its intense storms and weather overhaul. If you've ever thought the world apocalyptic world of Fallout was just a bit too tame, this mod will completely change your mind, with dust storms, radiation rains, and even radstorms that spawn in hordes of ghouls. With full sound effects, textures, and configurable options, this mod will spice up your experience.

Download True Storms - Wasteland Edition (here).

Place Everywhere

Image via TheLich

Are you tired of having trouble building your Workshop and base? This mod opens up tons of new building options, removing all those annoying red restrictions and allowing you to place items wherever and everywhere you like, as well as previously unmovable objects. You can also switch up items by resizing them, precise rotating, and more. Build the base of your dreams without any limitations.

Download Place Everywhere (here).

Vivid Fallout - All in One

Image via Hein84

Vivid Fallout - All in One is a complete collection of retextures and graphic improvements for Fallout 4, so you no longer have to download multiple files that improve the look of your game. This enhances all landscape objects, such as trees, roads, rocks, bridges, concrete, etc. You won't have to worry about them lowering performance, either. These graphics run smoothly, so you can enjoy it while playing at high FPS.

Download Vivid Fallout - All in One (here).

Lowered Weapons

Image via lesma666

Lowered Weapons is perfect for those looking for the most immersive Fallout experience. Guns will no longer stay pointed straight ahead in first-person and instead lower to a more idle position when not aiming at enemies. This may be a tiny change, but it makes all the difference for players wanting that realistic feel to their experience.

Download Lowered Weapons (here).

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Scrap Everything

Image via shadowslasher410 and VIitS

Scrap Everything is precisely as it sounds, granting players more Workshop-building liberties so they can scrap their base down to the very last particle, including roads, sidewalks, debris, and plants. This will give you the bare bones of your space and allow you to start completely fresh and build it exactly how you like it.

Download Scrap Everything (here).

Improved Map with Visible Roads

Image via mm137

Do you have trouble navigating the environment and tracking down quests and locations? Well, this mod can change that for the better. This will improve your map with visible roads, numbered grids, and precise map markers, so you can quickly get to and fro and explore all the possibilities without getting lost or confused about where to find your objectives.

Download Improved Map with Visible Roads (here).

Homemaker - Expanded Settlements

Image via NovaCoru and Damanding

Homemaker allows you to create a space and base that you can actually enjoy for your Workshop. No more broken down, abandoned feel, but a cozy, lived-in environment. This mod adds 1,000 new craftable items and furniture for your base, including variations of base game objects. It also has new build sets, working planters, and many more goodies to discover.

Download Homemaker - Expanded Settlements (here).

Start Me Up - Alternate Start

Image via TinyManticore

Change up the game you've played a hundred times with an alternate new start to your experience with voiced dialogues and lore-friendly alternative situations. You no longer have to be Shaun's parent or even a Vault Dweller. You can get down to the knit and gritty and entirely craft a unique backstory and traits for your character. This is a must for that perfect immersive roleplay experience.

Download Start Me Up - Alternate Start (here).

Sim Settlements

Image via kinggath

Sim Settlements welcomes a more realistic and immersive settlement interface, much like what is capable in Sims Cities. This will allow you to place down zones in your settlements, such as Agricultural, Commercial, Residential, and more so that your settlers build and set up in your Workshop to your liking and allow you to grow it more dynamically.

Download Sim Settlements (here).

Armorsmith Extended

Image via Gambit77

The Armorsmith Extended mod allows you to craft and explore armor variations and styles, allowing you to expand your armor and make combinations of your gear that you weren't previously able to. Helmets without visors or face coverings will allow you to wear other face items with them. Armors have different weaves and types that give you worthwhile stats and defense as you traverse the world.

Download Armorsmith Extended (here).

The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Edition

Image via LogRaam

Eyes are windows to the soul. So why do the characters look so dead inside? The Eyes of Beauty can help with that problem dramatically with retextures and realistic-looking eye customizations in high resolution. This comes with many variations and colors for your character's eyes, including some unique colors and details for any customization you'd like.

Download The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Edition (here).

Cheat Terminal

Image via NexusAU gir4892

Sometimes you need a quick cheat. Cheat Terminal makes getting where you need to go much quicker or gaining the items you need with a push of a button. This gives Holotape access to a cheat menu where you can quick-travel to a specific location, alter your game, give yourself free items and gear, change your personal storage, and plenty more options. This mod is a game-changer if you're stuck, glitched, or need a little boost.

Download Cheat Terminal (here).

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Everyone's Best Friend (Dogmeat and Companion at Same Time)

Image via Valdacil

Dogmeat can be everyone's best friend with this mod, allowing you to keep another companion at the same time as your dog, Dogmeat. This mod is an easy fix and doesn't require any specific console commands or hacks to complete. It will simply let you have the two companions together and function as they usually do.

Download Everyone's Best Friend (here).

Enhanced Lights and FX

Image via Anamorfus

Let there be realistic light! Enhanced Lights and FX completely revamp the way lighting works in the game, from sunlight through windows to different environmental lights such as ceilings or candles. Light will cast realistic shadows and light paths so the environment looks more realistically lit and atmospheric. Some locations will be darker and require you to use flashlights.

Download Enhanced Lights and FX (here).

Pip-Boy Flashlight (Pipboy - Power Armor - Lamp Overhaul)

Image via AKcelsior

Flashlights tend to be slightly unrealistic in some experiences, including vanilla Fallout. It would enlighten the whole space, no matter what angle or direction you are facing. However, this Pip-Boy Flashlight overhaul can make for a more immersive and realistic flashlight experience, requiring you to actually direct the light to where you want it to go and will only illuminate where you are pointing it.

Download Pip-Boy Flashlight (here).

Bullet Counted Reload System

Image via shavkacagarikia

Bullet Counted Reload is another small mod for your game that makes a big difference when it comes to immersive and realistic gameplay. In the vanilla game, whenever you reload, no matter how many times you shoot, it will always be the full amount of bullets, five or more. With this mod, you only reload the exact amount you shot, meaning the bullets that weren't used are still available in the current mag or round.

Download Bullet Counted Reload (here).

We Are The Minutemen

Image via TheFirstEnD

The Minutemen are the best-standing faction in the game and are supposed to make it easier to gain resources and rebuild the Commonwealth. However, in the base game, this is lacking just a bit, and the changes are really not noticeable. This mod expands upon the base game and improves Minutemen quests, characters, and interactable objects. Characters will have the appropriate gear, will interact more realistically, and more. You can even set up Minutement settlements and more using the craftable Command Table.

Download We Are The Minutemen (here).

FallUI - HUD

Image via m8r98a4f2

Even small interface changes can make a big, smoother difference in your gameplay. The FallUI mod allows you to resize, customize, and change the HUD menus and text to your liking, using given layouts or your own free custom edits. You can change the positions, size, text style, shadows, and various widgets all the way you like.

Download FallUI (here).

Classic Holstered Weapons System

Image via shavkacagarikia

The base game of Fallout 4, unfortunately, doesn't include a visible display of holstered weapons, which can be pretty frustrating for players who value immersive play. This mod, however, can give players that satisfaction. This allows players to holster and view almost all available weapons, from back to hip holsters. You can position and edit their look to your liking or if you run into clipping problems as well.

Download Classic Holstered Weapons System (here).

Better Settlers

Image via Thom293

Better Settlers adds expanded Settler changes and roleplaying options. You can now see 240 new types of settlers in your base, and you can fully customize little details about them, including their equipment, stats, mortality, gender ratios, and more. You will have more realistic and diverse characters to interact with and care for in your settlement, and all are lore-friendly.

Download Better Settlers (here).

Vivid Weathers - Fallout 4 Edition

Image via Mangaclub

Much like True Storms, Vivid Weathers overhauls the weather system and climate of the environment in Fallout 4. It adds up to 75 variations of weather and includes new cloud textures and overall better image quality when it comes to textures of rain, clouds, and more. The world will seem more realistic and dynamic as you play.

Download Vivid Weathers (here).

Longer Power Lines

Image via Puma

Powering your base and Workshop can be an extremely frustrating experience, especially when it comes to attaching power lines and finding available spaces so they will reach correctly. With longer power line distances, this mod makes it much easier to power what you need. This easy fix makes for a much more enjoyable base-building experience.

Download Longer Power Lines (here).

Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul

Image via mm137

Sound is an essential part of what makes a game immersive, which means we only want high-quality and realistic sounds. This mod does a great job overhauling the reverb of weapon shots for player weapons and NPCs. It also improves the ambient noises and creates more diversity in different in-game sounds. It is also compatible with other sound replacements, so you don't have to pick and choose.

Download Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul (here).

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K-9 Harness - Tactical Armor and Backpack for Dogmeat

Image via fadingsignal

Dogmeat is a trusted companion that accompanies you across the Commonwealth, so why shouldn't he also have some gear? Equip Dogmeat with his own armor and backpack so he can be protected and help you carry loot as you explore. With moddable upgrades, color variations, and more, this mod gives Dogmeat some proper style and protection in this apocalyptic world.

Download K-9 Harness - Tactical Armor and Backpack for Dogmeat (here).

NPCs Travel

Image via skyquest

Want to see some more survivors and characters out and about when exploring the open world? This NPCs Travel mod allows up to 300 new NPC characters to travel outside of settlements and can occasionally sell and interact with you. Hunters are traveling vendors, and wastelands are capable of trading. You can occasionally run into hostile characters, so be on your guard.

Download NPCs Travel (here).

Equipment and Crafting Overhaul

Image via Dank Rafft

The Equipment and Crafting Overhaul mod gives you full reign over every aspect of crafting. You can now customize and modify any piece of equipment to your liking and have a universal crafting bench that you can use at any time. This includes expanding several new workbenches and capabilities, such as carrying certain crafted items you previously couldn't.

Download Equipment and Crafting Overhaul (here).

Backpacks of the Commonwealth

Image via BmanBlazer

You're a full-blown adventurer in this apocalyptic world, so why not look the part? You're carrying a lot of loot and goodies on your adventures; realistically, you need some baggage to help store that. The Backpacks of the Commonwealth add 20 new types of backpacks you can equip to your player and see NPCs wearing. You can find them spread around the world or buyable from vendors.

Download Backpack of the Commonwealth (here).

Diamond City Expansion

Image via Statsmakten

Diamond City is a full-blown city made within an abandoned baseball stadium. This mod adds an expansion to the city with new areas to explore inside the city and stadium. It divides them into districts with various reputations and shops and locations fitting to each. With new, improved structures and details of the city and lots to explore, you won't want to leave.

Download Diamond City Expansion (here).

Extended Facial Sculpting

Image via Septfox

Extended Facial Sculpting allows you to customize your character without any limits or restrictions fully. This will let you rotate facial features, move, resize, and more so your character will look more unique and diverse than the usual vanilla faces. You can also choose to change NPCs, but this is essentially just for your created characters.

Download Extended Facial Sculpting (here).

These are some of the best Fallout 4 mods for you to try to change up your game and experience some fresh, enjoyable gameplay. There is more to discover from the NexusMods or the in-game mods menu. Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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30 Best Fallout 4 Mods in 2023

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