Best Charms in Hollow Knight – Hollow Knight Charm Tier List

Which Charms will you take?

Hollow Knight provides numerous different builds you can use when playing and exploring Hallownest. This is primarily done by equipping Charms, which give the Knight abilities or alter its skills. This may leave you wondering what the best Charms in Hollow Knight are.

Hollow Knight Charm Tier List

SDashmaster, Quick Focus, Fragile/Unbreakable Strength, Grubsong, Mark of Pride, Quickslash, Wayward Compass
ALongnail, Nailmaster's Glory, Shaman Stone, Sharp Shadow, Soul Catcher
BFlukenest, Fragile/Unbreakable Heart, Grimmchild, Hiveblood, Lifeblood Core, Spell Twister
CDreamshield, Gathering Swarm, Grubberfly's Edge, Joni Blessing, Lifeblood Heart, Shape of Unn, Souleater
DFragile/Unbreakable Greed, Sprintmaster, Stalwart Shell, Thorns of Agony, Weaversong
EBaldur Shell, Carefree Melody, Deep Focus, Defender's Crest, Dream Wielder, Fury of the Fallen, Glowing Womb, Kingsoul, Sporeshroom, Steady Body

All Charms ranked in Hollow Knight

When placing Hollow Knight's Charms in this tier list, we considered their effects, synergy with other Charms, and the Notch cost of equipping them. Here are all Charms in Hollow Knight, ranked.

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S Tier

Charms in this tier are almost always worth having equipped or synergize well with other Charms. Here are our S Tier Charms in Hollow Knight.


The Dashmaster Charm allows the Knight to use their dash ability more often, as it reduces the cooldown time.

Fragile/Unbreakable Strength

Once turned into the Unbreakable Strength Charm, this increases the damage dealt to the enemy with the Knight's Nail.


The Grubsong Charm allows the Knight to regain Soul when they are injured.

Mark of Pride

With the Mark of Pride Charm, the range of the Knight's attacks is greatly increased.

Quick Focus

The Quick Focus Charm increases the rate at which you focus Soul, increasing your healing rate.

Quick Slash

With the Quick Slash Charm equipped, your attack speed with the Nail is increased, allowing you to strike faster.

Wayward Compass

The Wayward Compass Charm marks your location on the map, preventing you from getting lost.

A Tier

Charms in this tier are powerful and work well with most other Charms. Here are our A Tier Charms in Hollow Knight.


The Longnail Charm slightly increases the range of your Nail, but you should replace this with Mark of Pride.

Nailmaster's Glory

The focus speed of your Nail Arts will be increased with the Nailmaster's Glory Charm.

Shaman Stone

The Shaman Stone Charm increases the power of your spells, making them more potent.

Sharp Shadow

With the Sharp Shadow Charm, your Shadow Dash ability will harm enemies.

Soul Catcher

The amount of Soul gained when striking an enemy with your Nail will be increased with the Soul Catcher Charm.

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B Tier

Charms in this tier are fairly good and work well with specific builds, but should ultimately be replaced with better Charms. Here are all B Tier Charms in Hollow Knight.


Your Vengeful Spirit spell will transform into a group of Flukes with the Flukenest Charm.

Fragile/Unbreakable Heart

When upgraded to the Unbreakable Heart Charm, your health will be permanently increased.


The Grimmchild Charm will place Flames on the map and allow the player to seek out the Grimmkin.


With the Hiveblood Charm, you will heal slowly over time without needing to focus.

Lifeblood Core

The Lifeblood Core Charm will give you temporary health.

Spell Twister

The Soul required for spells will be reduced with the Spell Twister Charm equipped.

C Tier

Charms in this tier are typically only worth using until you receive better Charms or have niche applications. Here are all C Tier Charms in Hollow Knight.


The Dreamshield creates a floating shield that follows the player.

Gathering Swarm

With the Gathering Swarm, you will gain a swarm of bugs that collect Geo for you.

Grubberfly's Edge

Your Nail will be able to fire a beam of energy when at full health with the Grubberfly's Edge Charm equipped.

Joni Blessing

The Joni Blessing Charm will remove your ability to heal by focusing, but the Knight is capable of taking more damage.

Lifeblood Heart

The Lifeblood Heart Charm provides a small amount of temporary health.

Shape of Unn

The Shape of Unn Charm grants you a new form and allows you to avoid enemies.


The Souleater Charm greatly increases the amount of Soul you gain when striking an enemy with your Nail.

D Tier

The Charms in this tier are typically not worth using unless you happen to have additional Notches that need filling. Here are all D Tier Charms in Hollow Knight.

Fragile/Unbreakable Greed

Once upgraded, the Unbreakable Greed Charm will permanently increase the amount of Geo you receive for slaying enemies.


The Sprintmaster Charm will increase your walking speed.

Stalwart Shell

When struck and taking damage, the Stalwart Shell Charm makes you invincible for a brief moment.

Thorns of Agony

With the Thorns of Agony Charm equipped, enemies will take damage upon striking you.


The Weaverson Charm summons Weaverlings to protect and accompany you while exploring Hallownest.

E Tier

These Charms should be avoided almost altogether, as they are simply not worth using or can lead to bad habits. Here are all E Tier Charms in Hollow Knight..

Baldur's Shell

The Baldur's Shell Charm grants you a protective shield while focusing.

Carefree Melody

The Carefree Melody Charm creates a song of protection that will occasionally protect you from damage.

Deep Focus

With the Deep Focus Charm attached, your Soul focusing is slowed but recovers double the health.

Defender's Crest

You will emit a damaging and stinky cloud with the Defender's Crest Charm equipped.

Dream Wielder

The charging rate and Soul collection rate of your Soul Nail is increased by the Dream Wielder Charm.

Fury of the Fallen

When at low health, the Fury of the Fallen Charm increases the strength of your Nail.

Glowing Womb

The Glowing Womb Charm slowly drains your Soul and creates Hatchlings.


The Kingsoul Charm will generate Soul over time and allows you to access the Birthplace.


With the Sporeshroom Charm equipped, the Knight releases damaging spore clouds while focusing.

Steady Body

The Steady Body Charm reduces the knockback the Knight receives when striking an enemy.

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Best Charms in Hollow Knight – Hollow Knight Charm Tier List

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