How to get to the Tower of Love in Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is one of the most critically acclaimed Metroidvanias in the genre due to its stellar art, engaging gameplay, and enthralling story. Because of this, many gamers have taken to Hallownest, exploring its halls and defeating the bugs that call it home. However, one area that fans may have issues finding is the Tower […]

Where is the bank in Hollow Knight?

As you progress in Hollow Knight and explore the expansive Hallownest, you will collect Geo, the currency of the world. This can be spent on Charms, upgrades, and more, making it extremely valuable. But when you die, you drop all your Geo and must collect it or lose it altogether. This may leave you wondering […]

How to get Double Jump in Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania that combines tight platforming and brutal combat with a beautiful atmosphere and aesthetic. One thing that players love in platformers is the ability to double jump. This may leave you wondering how to get a double jump in Hollow Knight. To gain the ability to double jump, you need to […]