All Treasure Pod Locations in Slime Rancher 2

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The explorable world of Slime Rancher 2 houses several hidden secrets within. Apart from the rare Slime species, the game has Treasure Pods that you can unlock for special in-game items. While you can find some of these Pods easily, others require extra effort to locate. This guide lists all the Treasure Pods in Slime Rancher 2, what items they contain, and where to find them.

All Treasure Pods in Rainbow Fields

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PodRewardHow to reach / Pod location
1Tank LinerBlow up the Phosphor Gordo Slime and open the cave door by shooting a Tabby Plort at the statue.
2Heart CellFind the pod hidden behind rocks at the marked spot.
3Hydro TurretThe pod is at the end of the path by the water pool.
4Gold Petal FlowersPass the portal, exit the cave, and the pod will be on your left.
5Small BoulderThe pod sits on top of the mountain at the marked spot.
6Pink Warp DepotSituated inside an underground cave by the feral slime zone.
7Rock FragmentThe pod is on the huge secluded rock next to the portal.
8Slime StageThe pod is on top of the mountain accessible via Jetpack.
9Large Pink BonsaiAt the bottom of the mountain you climbed for to get Slime Stage (8th pod).
10Power ChipDrop down onto the beach by the depot and enter the cave.
11Overjoyed StatueClimb the rocks to access the pod at the marked location.
12Emerald CypressReach the cave at the marked spot.
13Med StationDrop down onto the beach behind the portal.
14Emerald Cypress ClusterAt the very end of Rainbow Fields behind the portal you'll find the pod.

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All Treasure Pods in Ember Valley

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PodRewardHow to reach / Pod location
1Storage CellDrop down the rocks behind the portal and open the cave using a Batty Plort.
2Jetpack DriveEither climb the mountain using your Jetpack or take the geyser after popping the Gordo Slime.
3Azure Glow ShroomsReach the marked spot by either dropping down the hole on the top of the mountain where you found the Jetpack Drive pod, or from inside the cave by shooting Boom Plorts intro the three statues, which opens the secret door.
4Cinder Spike BlossomsFind the pod at the very end of the map.
5Meat Slime BaitHover to the marked spot from the open fields area with geysers.
6Medium Pink Coral ColumnsThe pod can be easily accessed at the marked spot.
7Gnarled AshwoodApproach the rock platform by the sea using your Jetpack.
8Vac TankOn top of the waterfall accessible via a cave where you can also find Primordy Oil reserves and several Puddle Slimes.
9Dash PadTake the geyser to reach the Cuberry tree on the mountain-top.
10Amber Cypress ClusterFollow the path to the left of the Dash Pad (9th pod).
11Amber CypressThe pod sits right by the giant rock pillar at the designated location.
12Heart CellCarefully reach the spot by the sea.
13Happy StatueTravel to the cave from where you found Amber Cypress (11th pod).
14Sunfire DaisiesReach the marked spot using your Jetpack.
15Blue Warp DepotThe pod will be present under rock shelves underneath the Gordo Slime.
16StalagmiteThe volcanic cave houses this treasure pod.
17Grey Warp DepotThe topmost lava pool that can be easily reached using Jetpack.
18Fruit Slime BaitEnter the cave on top of the lava pool housing Fire Slimes.
19Medium PalmThe platform above the palm tree at the highlighted location.
20Tall Magma ClumpReach the rock platform using your Jetpack.
21Magma PoolAt the end of the falling lava stream.
22Medium Red AshwoodTake the geyser at the end of the falling lava stream.
23Ember Valley PortalBlow up the Boom Gordo Slime to access the cave.
24Strange DiamondRight next the pod mentioned above (23rd pod).

All Treasure Pods in Starlight Strand

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PodRewardHow to reach / Pod location
1Stalagmite ClusterAt the marked location, drop down from the platform and look for a pod hidden behind the rock structure.
2Violet Warp DepotUsing your Jetpack, hover over to the secluded island.
3Cheerful StatueClimb the wall behind the portal.
4Coastal Rock PillarAt the other end of the rocks.
5Veggie Slime BaitReach the mountaintop using your Jetpack and surrounding structures.
6Tank LinerLocate this pod inside a cave at the highlighted spot.
7Tall Ink Coral ColumnsBlow up the Honey Gordo Slime and enter the cave behind it.
8Sharp BoulderReach the top of the mountain with the help of your Jetpack.
9Cave PillarEnter the cave where the water stream meets the mountain and open the locked door using an Angler Plort.
10Storage CellAt the other end of the same water stream as mentioned above, open the cave door using a Rock Plort to access this pod.
11Violet Warp DepotUnder the tree branch at the marked location.
12Azure GrassBehind the rocks at the marked spot.
13Novice Gordo SnareUpon reaching the giant circular entrance at the designated location, shoot Hunter Plorts into the three statues (one to the left of the entrance and two to the right). This will open the cave door at the very bottom.
14Azure ShrubsFirstly, open the cave entrance by the beach using a Rock Plort. Climb up and take the left path to another cave door that can be opened using a Hunter Plort. Go straight, and the pod will be sitting at the end.
15Tall Violet Swirl ShroomExit the cave entrance where you find found Azure Shrubs (14th pod) and make your way to the marker. Climb onto the rock pillar using your Jetpack.
16Azure MangroveClimb the mushroom structures and reach the marked location by hovering with your Jetpack.
17Dash Boot ModuleThis pod sits at the bottom of the giant blue and red tree.
18Root TangleDrop down the hole at the bottom of the signature blue-red tree.
19Starbloom FlowersThe pod is placed at the marked spot accessible via Jetpack.
20Pink Glow ShroomsReach the marked destination and drop down the hole. The pod can be found inside the cave next to the Angler Gordo Slime.
21Tank LinerReach the top of the mountain using your Jetpack and nearby trees.
22Power ChopOn top of the rock platform by the area housing Hunter Slimes.
23Starlight Strand PortalPop the Flutter Gordo Slime by feeding it Moondew Nectar to open a path to an underground cave. Drop down the hole and look for the pod.
24Spring PadFirstly, reach the giant Slime statue near the marked area using your Jetpack. Drop down the hole behind the statue to reach the hidden pod.

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All Treasure Pod Locations in Slime Rancher 2

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