All Valheim Cheats and Console Commands

Too many trolls? not a fan of greydwarfs? try using some of these commands down below.

Here you will find all Valheim cheat and console commands and how to use them in the game.

How to use Valheim Cheats and Console Commands

To use a cheat or console command in Valheim, you must first activate them by typing imacheater. After this, you can then type any of the commands listed below in single-player and multiplayer servers; the host will be the only one able to use commands and cheats on multiplayer servers. 

That said, to use a cheat or console command in Valheim, press F5 and then type any of the commands listed below in the console.

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All Valheim Cheats Commands

The following are all Valheim cheat commands and what they do once activated.

  • god - Activates god mode
  • ghost - Activates ghost mode; enemies will not attack you with this on.
  • debugmode - Turns creative mode on and off
  • pos - Posts the player's current position via cords in the console
  • goto (x,z) - Teleports the player to the entered coordinates
  • killall - Makes the bad things go away (kills all enemies)
  • tame - Makes all the bad things into good things (tames all nearby creatures, including enemies)  
  • exploremap - Reveals the entire map for the lazy Viking explorer (this means you) 
  • resetmap - Resets the entire world map 
  • location - Sets your current location as your spawn (don't use it in the swamp or plains, you will thank me later) 
  • stop event - Stops an event
  • event (name) - Type this in if you want to start a named event.
      • army_eikthyr
      • army_goblin
      • army_theelder
      • wolves
      • skeletons
      • army_bonemass
      • army_moder
      • blobs
      • foresttrolls
      • surtlings
  • ffsmooth (0-1) - Sets smoothing to be like that of the freefly camera.
  • setkey (name) - Sets a brand new global key.
  • resetkeys (name) - Resets a specified key.
  • listkeys - Lists all your global keys.
  • env (env) - Activates debug environment mode.
  • resetenv - Resets the debug environment command.
  • randomevent - Type this in to start a random event ( Do you feel lucky?) 
  • raiseskill (skill name) (amount) - Give yourself a much-needed skill boost with this command; just type the name of the skill, then the amount you want to set it to after raiseskill.
  • resetskill (skill) - Resets the much-needed skill boost you gave yourself; Just type the name of the skill you boosted, and it will default back to zero. 
  • resetcharacter - Wipes all of your character's stats and character data. 
  • dpsdebug - Toggles dpsdebug either on or off
  • players (nr) - Adjusts the current player difficulty scale; setting it to zero will reset it completely. 
  • removedrops - Removes all items dropped on the ground nearby; very useful for destroying unneeded items, but make sure to do it away from your base. 
  • freefly - Toggles the freefly photomode drone on and off.
  • heal - Heals you for full health.
  • puke - Resets your health/hunger.
  • hair - Removes your hair.
  • beard - Removes your beard.
  • model (0-1) - Changes your character model from female to male.
  • wind angle (0-360) (intensity 0-1) -  Sets the wind angle and the intensity of it; type wind angle and then a number after it and then 0 or 1.
  • resetwind - Resets the wind to default
  • tod (0-1) - Changes the time of day; type zero and 1 for midnight and 0.5 for noon. 
  • tod -1 - Resets the time of day to default mode. 
  • skiptime (seconds) - Typing this will skip the current time forward, changing the current day number and the time of day.
  • sleep - Typing this will skip forward by one day as if you are sleeping in a bed. 

All Valheim Admin Server Commands

The following are all server commands the host can type; these will also work without cheat mode being activated. 

  • banned - Posts a list in the console of all currently banned players from the server
  • unban (name,ip,userid) - Unbans a player from the server; type their character name, then their ip and then userid after unban.
  • ban (name,ip,userid) - Bans a player from the server; type their character name, then their ip and then userid after ban.
  • kick (name,ip,userid) - Kicks a player from the server; type their character name, then their ip and then userid after kick.
  • help - Posts a list of all admin commands in the console.
  • save - Forces a world save (saves the game)
  • ping - Pings the server and prints the delay in the console. 
  • info - Posts system memory and render threading in console.
  • lodbias (0-5) - Sets draw distance for all players; post lodbias 0 if you want to see the current setting.

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How to turn on creative mode in Valheim

To turn on creative mode in Valheim, you must first type imacheater and then follow it by debugmode; after this, you will be in creative mode.

Once creative mode is activated, you can then use the following controls.

  • B for no placement cost mode; also you to build things without it costing any precious resources.
  • K to kill all bad things in the area.
  • Z to toggle fly mode.

Also, while in creative mode, you will be able to craft anything you want instead of choosing from a traditional spawn menu, which in the end is a more hands-off take on the conventional creative mode.

How to spawn items in Valheim

If you want to spawn items in Valheim, you can do so by typing imacheater in the console and then follow by spawn (itemName) (Amount) or (Level). If you want to spawn an item, you will need to type, for example, Amber 20. 

But if you want to spawn an entity or monster, you will need to type Boar followed by the level you want it to be. That said, you can spawn many items and entities, so check out the helpful guide steam user Sonata made for the entire spawn list.

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