How to mod Valheim – Valheim Mod Installation Guide

Chances are, if a game has a rather large following, then it’s more than likely going to attract one or two modding firms. Such is the case with Valheim, a survival-based Viking game on PC. Although not officially supported by Iron Gate AB, the modding community has taken it upon themselves to tweak the game using various […]

Where to find Abominations in Valheim?

If you want to find Abominations in Valheim, you will need to search the swamp biome in the game. In the swamp biome, abominations will lurk under the ground until you come close, which makes it reasonably easy to find them. So, if you want to find abominations in the swamp in Valheim, all you need to do […]

How to Make Root Armor in Valheim?

To make root armor in Valheim, players will need to gather the following materials in the game. When you get all three materials, you will be able to craft a full set of root armor, by heading to a level two workbench. Roots Ancient Bark Deer Hides Getting all three materials needed to make root […]

Best way to kill Abominations in Valheim?

The best way to kill abominations in Valheim is by using fire damage, as abominations are weak towards fire damage. But if you want to kill abominations in Valheim using fire damage, you will need to use fire arrows. Fire arrows are a unique variant of arrows you can make inside a workbench in the […]