Atomic Heart boss rolls right over you in boss fight gameplay trailer

Atomic Heart, an eagerly anticipated first-person shooter, may prove to be a significant challenge for its players. In a gameplay trailer via IGN First on their YouTube channel, Mundfish showed off ten minutes worth of gameplay, with the player (repeatedly) trying to conquer a round, robotic boss. To say it didn’t go well for them […]

When does Atomic Heart release?

Atomic Heart debuted with a surreal trailer in 2018, and players have been eager for more information on the strange title since. This Russian title from Mundfish Studio promises a wild first-person shooter experience set in a futuristic Soviet dystopia, but when can players get their hands on this title? Here’s all the information on […]

What platforms will Atomic Heart be on?

Atomic Heart is an upcoming title from Mundfish, a studio with an ambitious project that showcases a dystopian Russian landscape where machines run rampant. After a system failure causes machines to rise against their creators, Major P-3 must stop the threat from spreading globally. Such a unique title has garnered the interest of a broad […]

Is Atomic Heart on the Xbox Gamepass at launch?

If you are wondering if Atomic Heart is on the Xbox Gamepass at launch, the answer is yes.  Atomic Heart will launch on the Xbox Gampass sometime this year and will also be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The game will as well launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but an exact release date is unknown […]