All Mortal Kombat games, ranked

Two different studios have developed mortal Kombat games, so the franchise has undergone many changes over the years. While there have been some bad to middling entries along the way, most fall somewhere between good to great. We have ranked every mainline Mortal Kombat game below. Every Mortal Kombat main series game, ranked 12 – […]

Should I buy Evil Dead The Game? – Evil Dead The Game Review

Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead: The Game is a survival game similar to Left 4 Dead, where survivors must work together to complete objectives. Survivors face a Demon player, but they aren’t unbeatable. Instead, Demons act as dungeon masters, creating obstacles that the players must overcome. Don’t fear the Evil Dead In the game, the deadites […]

10 Best superhero video games

Many games promise to make us feel like superheroes, but there aren’t many that really deliver that feeling. In the following list, we have compiled 10 games that truly make us feel like a superpowered being. DC Universe Online (2011) DC Universe Online allows players to create their own superpowered characters and then choose their […]

6 Best Marvel video games

Marvel games are hit or miss, but they all seem great at making us feel like superheroes. Below you will find some of the Marvel games that left us wanting more and wishing this was a bigger franchise. Marvel games you need to play  Spider-Man 2 (2004) A lot was riding against Spider-Man 2 since […]

6 best MMOs to play solo

Massively Multiplayer Online games are usually designed for people to play with friends, but many also feature single-player options. Here are the best games to play alone. Remember that these are games you don’t get penalized for playing alone. We do not include games that can technically be played alone, but are too difficult unless […]