How to unlock Thor in Marvel’s Avengers

As you first delve into Marvel’s Avengers, you will likely be wanting to play as your favorite hero. Unfortunately, you will have to get through some story and parts of the campaign to unlock some of them. This is even the case in multiplayer, where only a select few heroes are available at first. Never […]

Kate Bishop to join the Marvel’s Avengers game!

It looks like the Marvel’s Avengers roster is already set to expand with the addition of Kate Bishop! She is a Hawkeye-esque character that uses a bow and arrow to take out her enemies. While she is a skilled archer, she also appears to have powers that allow her to teleport around her enemies and […]

Marvel’s Avengers leaks point to Captain Marvel, She Hulk, Kate Bishop, War Machine, and Peter Parker joining the game!

Marvel’s Avengers is coming out in early September, and some lucky players have had access to the game via the pre-order beta! The beta files for the game have apparently revealed the potential of some well-known characters to join the cast of already available heroes. We don’t have a whole lot of detail on them […]