11 Best Games Similar to Disco Elysium

It’s difficult to find a game like Disco Elysium. The game possesses a unique skill system that recontextualizes traditional RPG mechanics, creating an entirely new breed of role-playing. Disco Elysium has a gripping narrative, along with some of the best-written characters we’ve seen. While Disco Elysium is a niche pick among RPG games, the people […]

Top 12 Disco Elysium Best Thoughts

Disco Elysium is a game that can range from hilarious to existentially terrifying over the course of a single conversation. The game’s skills have incredibly unique voices that speak up at unexpected times, resulting in some of the most out of pocket quotes we’ve ever heard. Here are the 12 best Disco Elysium thoughts we’ve […]

What is the pale in Disco Elysium?

When the majority of your isola becomes surrounded by a phenomenon that swallows all matter, it can be alarming. The world of Disco Elysium is enduring this same problem: an encroaching substance that breaks down all fundaments of the known world, including language, numbers, and sound. The worst news for the citizens of this isola […]

Disco Elysium taught me how to live

I have never been a cop. I have never experienced the pain of a divorce. I have not lost my memory. I am not Harry DuBois. I, Britlee Kuhn, have almost nothing in common with Disco Elysium’s protagonist, Harry DuBois. And yet, I hurt when he hurts. When the apricot-scented ghost of his ex-something haunts […]

Best Songs in the Disco Elysium Soundtrack

While Disco Elysium is a beautiful game on its own, its soundtrack by British Sea Power brings the game’s experience to the next level. Several of the songs in Disco Elysium’s soundtrack were not created for the game. Rather, they have existed in British Sea Power’s discography ever since 2011. For the soundtrack, the game’s […]