All collectibles in Dusk Till Dawn in Evil West

There are a bunch of collectibles scattered throughout all of Evil West, but you can find only seven of the 393 collectibles in the fourth chapter of the game. Here’s where you can get all Dusk Till Dawn’s collectibles. This is listed in the order you can find them in. Where to find all Cash […]

All collectibles in The First Spark Cargo in Evil West

The third chapter in Evil West features a ton of collectibles for you to uncover. Find them all and explore the beautiful landscape while you continue on your path to 100% completion by using our guide below. Where to find all collectibles in The First Spark Cargo – All collectibles Locations A bunch of collectibles are […]

All collectibles in The Devil’s Pass in Evil West

The fifth chapter in the 16-part story of Jesse the vampire hunter holds 27 collectibles. Here’s where you can find all of them to continue your journey to 100% completion. If you missed a collectible, you’ll be able to explore the world and return to gather what you missed. Where to find all Lore in The Devil’s […]

All Voice Actors in Evil West – Full Cast List

Flying Wild Hog’s new action/adventure game allows players to test their skill as a gunslinger against the forces of the undead. Whether they’re yelping in pain or shouting in joy, you might recognize some of the vocal talent behind these characters. Though all of these characters are making their grand debut, the actors behind them […]

Evil West Review: An action-packed, bloody Wild West ride

Evil West takes the concept of a Wild West superhero and makes it a reality. Flying Wild Hog conjures up an interesting take on the American Frontier, creating one filled with deadly vampires and gun-toting cowboys wielding lightning gauntlets. The premise sounds silly on paper, but Evil West delivers a thrilling and engaging adventure with […]