Fortnite Season 9 Launch Guide – Challenge Guides, Start Date & Time, Theme

We're taking a detailed look at Season 9 of the Fortnite Battle Pass!

Our Fortnite Season 9 Guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the upcoming season including the release date, start times, how much it will cost, leaks, and what kind of theme we should expect!

The unvaulting event has happened and brought back the Drum Gun into the game, and the volcano has finally erupted and taken out a couple of major parts of the map down. It looks like we're going to be seeing some major changes in Season 9, and we're excited to see what Epic has in store for the game this time!

When Does Fortnite Season 9 Start?

Fortnite Season 9 will start on May 9th, 2019. This is when we are expecting the release, but it's possible that delays could happen so the date could be pushed back a bit. If you're curious what time the battle pass will go live, here's a look at the general times that patches go live:

  • UK: 9am (BST)
  • Europe: 10am (CEST)
  • USA: 4am (ET), 1am (PT)

The official downtime for the Season 9 Patch has been posted and will start at 4am ET (0800 UTC).

What Does the Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass Cost?

There's no free Battle Pass this go around, but it might be possible to gift Battle Passes in the future according to a leak (it hasn't been officially announced). The standard cost is 950 V-Bucks for the Battle Pass and 2,800 V-Bucks for the Battle Bundle (Battle Pass + 25 tiers). This ends up being $9.99 if you purchase V-Bucks from the store.

Fortnite Season 9 Challenges Guides

We create a guide for each week of challenges in each new season of the Fortnite Battle Pass!

Fortnite Season 9 Leaks

We've got high quality images of all of the outfits on our Fortnite Season 9 Skins page!

Season 9 Skins Leak

Fortnite Season 9 Teasers

Epic will post out a teaser each day prior to the launch of the new season, check those out below!

Teaser #1

The Future is Unknown. 5.9.2019 - Source

The first teaser for Fortnite Season 9 has arrived and it looks like a new futuristic skin is on the way. These teasers are usually a reveal of the Tier 1 skin, so this one will likely be super customizable. It's possible that the Dream and Luminos skins are related somehow to this.

Teaser #2

The Future is Bright. 5.9.2019 - Source

The second teaser shows off what could be a pilot of some sort of aircraft or space vehicle!

Teaser #3

The Future is Tilted. 5.9.2019 - Source

The third and likely final teaser shows a third skin with the letter O behind it spelling out the word NEO when combined.

Teasers Combined

Audio Updates Coming in Season 9

Hello all,

We hope you all enjoy the release of Season 9, it was a blast for us to work on. Thanks for all the Fortnite audio quality feedback in the recent 8.5 release thread, it’s much appreciated. As always, please feel free to point out areas of audio improvement and bugs to us in the thread; we’ll be reading and investigating what the community shares and report what we’re working on. Here’s an overview of the Season 9 audio improvements and roadmap:

Release 9.0 Audio fixes and updates:

  • Switch audio dropout issues fixed.
  • Better tactical audio when inside player-built structures:
    • Enemy Pickaxe impact within ~one building tile radius has new, louder sound.
    • Wallbreak by enemy close/behind player much clearer/louder.
  • Explosion audio improvements- shorter, higher dynamic range sounds that will make explosion audio clearer and punchier.

Release 9.0 open audio issues:

  • Fix for PC audio device swap issues; we are planning to have this for the 9.1 release.

What we’re working on for the upcoming season:

  • Fix for footstep sounds on the edge of structures gives audio as if you're walking on the ground.
  • Better hear the approach of enemy players outside player-built structures.
  • Better audio tells for jump/landing:
    • Jump tell audio added (so bunny-hopping isn’t as noiseless).
    • Clearer landing sound detection.
  • Improvements to issues of sounds dropping outside of player FOV.
  • Improvement of close versus distant player gliding sounds, to help clarify distance of gliding enemies.
  • Longer sounds properly playing during Replays.
  • Improved differentiation of teammate verus enemy audio.
  • Internal testing of binaural/HRTF solution that will be a great help to headphone players, as well as other spatialization improvements.

As a reminder, the best way to inform us of your bugs is following the below format:

  • replay URL
  • time code of issue
  • display name of player followed via gameplay view
  • description of issue


Zak Belica, Director of Audio Production


The Lead up to Fortnite Season 9

The lead up to the ninth season of the Fortnite Battle Pass was focused largely around Loot Lake and the excavation that uncovered some kind of weird structure. The structure slowly charged up and revealed different runs, this seemed to have something to do with The Cube from a previous season.

Once all of the runes eventually appeared, a countdown began which started up the Unvaulting event! This event allowed players to choose between six different items that had been vaulted in the past: Bouncer, Drum Gun, Plane, Tactical SMG, Grappler, and Infinity Blade. The Drum Gun won pretty easily, and has now been unvaulted and is available back in the game.

After you returned from the unvaulting area, you were then greeted with the eruption of the volcano! The volcano launched some huge boulders out that landed on Retail Row, and decimated Tilted Towers. Here's video of the entire event:

That's where we are as we head into the ninth season of the Fortnite Battle Pass! We're likely going to get some pretty big map changes now that Retail Row and Tilted Towers have been obliterated. As for the theme itself? Hard to say at this point, I'm sure we'll get some teasers very soon.

What Could Happen Next?

Well, the volcano also managed to strike a wallop at Polar Peak, so it wouldn't be surprising to see that go tumbling down. We could also be heading into the summer days of Fortnite, so seeing the snow biome melt away is a big possibility (image by FireMonkey).

Polar Peak Damaged by Volcano

Not much else is known at the moment, but we'll be updating this post once we learned anything else!

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  1. I hate the season9!! They ruined it by “neo tilted” and “mega malls” and taking away the pump it’s rediculous

  2. Seaaon 9 is probably a galactic/space theme so expect to see robotic aliens of sort, and its prrobably NEON not NEO

    1. NEO means NEW if you search up meaning, tilited is rising from the ashes

  3. Do u think they will do more stuff for the ikonik skin because I bought the phone for 1k and I only get 20$ in vbucks return

    1. You got a phone, that’s what you paid the money for. The purpose of a promotion like this is to give you a small extra incentive to buy the device, it’s not to pay 1k for the cosmetics. That being said, it’s possible they add to the promotion because they did that with the Galaxy skin.

  4. Letters put together will probably spell โ€˜neoโ€™ which means new or revived which makes sense

    Also add me on epic or ps4

    1. Good call, you were right!

      1. Sneak 100

  5. It’ll probably say NEW as a new playstyle or some other thing.

  6. What about the junk junction theory

    1. Feel free to explain it! I haven’t heard of any Junk Junction theory.

  7. Hey evident can you add the “Vault Keeper’s mask” to the list or something.

    1. I’m not sure it’s an actual leak for Season 9. Could have just been something they decided not to use?

  8. Itโ€™s Shaun Savage, is it now?

    1. I have no idea what you mean?!

      1. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ‘Œ

        1. Sneak 100

  9. Evident, do you think it would be a good idea to have a page for all the live events that have happened. You could have a video and a description of what happened

    1. Maybe, could be a good idea.

  10. How many days should we be waiting before Season 9 teasers should be floating around the internet? Tomorrow maybe?

    1. Very likely tomorrow.

  11. Well I missed the event! I was watching EndGame. I know that the drum gun was going to win but I wished that the planes where back but I get why not. Itโ€™s kinda a rip for tilted but you know! Ooooof. Google Home play despacito. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I wake up one day to head from Pleasant Park to Retail. I work at the new Durrr Burger, and I was serving patrons for around 3 hours in. But then, one of the eaters vanished into shards. I thought of the rifts, and shoved through the storage room, where Beef Boss, some Grill Sergeants, Onesie, and yes, Dark Voyager’s friend Shaun Savage. They, along with me, soon shattered into glass, as we re-appeared possibly in the rift dimension. I saw 6 items. All mysteriously disappeared in the past. I missed airplanes, and we only had a few remaining before all went to waste during the Air Royale event. A lot chose the Drum Gun, and it literally appeared, smashing onto the ground, as everyone returned to their former state before vanishing. 10 seconds pass and I hear rumbling. Another earthquake? Shaun, Beef Boss and I evacuated everyone out of our eatery, when we saw our rival Pizza Pit do the same. My brother Heartbreaker, Tomatohead and Nightshade evacuated everyone out of their pizzeria. We all got into ONE shopping cart, rushing through as we dodged the fire balls. We made it to what remained of Tilted and our sub-company The Royale Times was no more.

    Now that Durrr Burger and The Royale Times are gone, I was thinking to work in the Sweat Insurance. What do you think Evident?

    1. Sounds like a good plan.

      1. I have several questions