All Omega Strikers voice actors

Omega Strikers features a roster of unique characters with their own play style and personality. A large part of this personality comes from the voice cast, who bring Omega Strikers’ characters to life. This may leave you wondering who all the voice actors in Omega Strikers are. Omega Strikers voice cast Juliette – Erica Mendez Erica Mendez […]

How to unlock characters in Omega Strikers

Omega Strikers combines fast-paced action with strategic team-based gameplay. Each team comprises three characters, all of which have unique abilities and stats. You may wonder how to unlock and get characters in Omega Strikers with an ever-expanding roster. How to get more characters in Omega Strikers To get more characters in Omega Strikers, you must […]

What are Trainings in Omega Strikers?

There are a lot of elements to learn in Omega Strikers. This includes various characters with unique abilities, when to attack and defend, and what Trainings to use. If you are new to Omega Strikers, you may wonder what Trainings are, how to get them, and how to equip them. Trainings are perks in Omega Strikers that […]