Rune Factory 5 Romance Guide

One of the most exciting things about Romance Guide is how it’s partially a dating sim. As early as the second or third week of your stay in Rigbarth, you’re allowed to pursue one resident of your choice and woo them with exciting dates, food, and the smell of adventure. Here’s your ultimate romance guide […]

Rune Factory 5 – 13 Tips and Tricks

Rune Factory 5 is a day-to-day farming (and life) simulator with a lot of RPG elements mixed into it. Due to the sheer number of things you can craft, level, collect, and subjugate—it’s easy to get lost in the mechanics. Where do you pour your 24 hours into? How can you pursue the Rigbarth resident […]

11 Best monsters to tame in Rune Factory 5

Whether you’re looking to grow your income or attack dungeons faster, monsters are your best friend (literally) in Rune Factory 5. Certain monsters can produce a specific item every day, which you can use for crafting and cooking. Others are useful as rides, making your dungeon excursions faster, while others make good battle partners. Eventually, […]