Minecraft Dungeons Best Artifacts – Top Abilities and Skills!

Minecraft Dungeons is fresh out the gate, so you're likely wondering what some of the strongest items are in the game! Well, we've got a look at a list of the Best Artifacts that Minecraft Dungeons has to offer. Artifacts are just one of the ways you can really customize the build of your character, so make sure you've got the right selection of them when matching them to the rest of your gear.

Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons largely make up what could be considered as your abilities. You can have three of them equipped at one time, and the majority of them operate on a cooldown when used. Some of the Artifacts use an entirely different system, these Artifacts requires Souls to use. These are collected when an enemy is slain, and fill up a meter down below your equipped Artifacts. When you use an Artifact that uses Souls, it can be used as much as you want as long as you have Souls collected. Either way you go, these contribute in a large way to your overall build. You can focus on Artifacts that help you survive, or you can equip ones that will increase your damage. The choice is yours!

The spending cash at the Wandering Trader is a good way to get new Artifacts, so check out our Emerald Farming Guide to hopefully craft something powerful! We've also got a look at the Best Armor and the Best Weapons.

Best Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts

Here's our list of the best Artifacts you can find right now:

Artifacts can be found in multiple different rarities. The better the rarity, the higher stats it will feature. The item level of the Artifact will have an affect on the item as well.

Gong of Weakening

Weakens enemies around you, decreasing their damage and defensive capabilities.

The Gong of Weakening is one of the most useful Artifacts in the game. Not only does it decrease the incoming damage coming, it will significantly decrease the defense of your enemies. So, not only are you able to dish out more damage, but less damage will be coming in. This becomes pretty important as you raise the difficulty level if you aren't able to passively heal or stun-lock enemies.

You can obtain the Gong of Weakening by farming the Desert Temple or the ??? level in the game. It will only be available in higher difficulties, so you will need to complete the game at least once. It should show up in Adventure or Apocalypse, but it might be Apocalypse only.

Death Cap Mushroom

Greatly increases attack and movement speed.

The Deathcap Mushroom Artifact will greatly increase your attack and movement speed when activated. This is one of the better Artifacts in the game right now, and is particularly good when taking down higher health enemies or bosses. The duration is pretty long, so you can dish out quite a bit of damage when utilizing this item. It does have a fairly long cooldown, but you will generally only want to use it when in a tough battle.

While the Deathcap Mushroom can be utilized in specific builds, the thing that makes this so strong is that it's good with just about any random build. So, if you're looking for a generally strong Artifact while you're leveling up, this is one of the options I'd go with!

The Death Cap Mushroom can be located in Creeper Woods, which is one of the earliest levels in the game. It also drops in the ??? level and Highblock Halls.

Light Feather

Lets you tumble through the air, stunning and pushing enemies back as you go.

While this is a pretty good Artifact on its own, you can really super power this one if you're able to get some Armor with the Cool Down enchantment on it. If you can max that out, you can pretty much use Light Feather enough to keep a group of enemies stun locked. Each time it becomes available again will be just in time for you to stun the mobs before they come out of it. That means they will never really get a chance to attack you! This is one of my favorite artifacts, especially as you level up because you likely won't be dishing out insane damage that allows you to just stomp through enemies.

The Light Feather can be obtained at the Highblock Halls and Arch Haven.


When used, the Harvester releases souls in an explosion. (Requires Souls)

When I originally made this list I thought the Corrupted Beacon was going to be the standout, but boy was I wrong! The Harvester is the far superior item if you're looking to run a Souls based build! While you will need to combine together items that collect Souls faster, it will be worth it because the Harvester makes short work of any enemies that surround you. It's a great way to clear out mobs, and I expect eventually a Souls based build will be one of the better options available as things get more refined.

You get get the Harvester from the Soggy Swamp, ??? level, and the Redstone Mines.

Soul Healer

Heals the most injured ally nearby, including yourself.

Healing can be pretty problematic in Minecraft Dungeons due to the long cooldown period of the potion and not always have the right enchantments. To rectify that situation, you can utilize the Soul Healer. You'll want to be mainly focused on a soul based build, but it will be worth it to have access to another heal yourself or someone else ability. If you're playing with friends, this can be a great item for helping someone else out if they've taken big damage. If you are playing solo, then it operates as an easy way to have an additional healing ability by your side!

You can locate the Soul Heaeler in the Soggy Swamp, Soggy Cave, and the Fiery Forge.

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