All Cooking Recipes in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy’s persistent enemies can sometimes leave you on death’s doorstep. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your exploration momentum over an accidental death, so keep your HP—and Satiety—up with the help of delicious food. You’ll find cooking robots all over Aida, ready to help you whip up amazing dishes in just a few […]

Where to find Potatoes in Tower of Fantasy

There are numerous resources to collect in Tower of Fantasy. Many of these can be spent to purchase items, gear, and more. But some have other uses, like cooking. This includes hermit crabs, homi grains, and mushrooms. Potatoes can be tricky to locate, which may leave you wondering where to find Potatoes in Tower of […]

Max Level Cap in Tower of Fantasy, Explained

Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world RPG, players get to level up their character by defeating multiple enemies and bosses, using an array of weapons and unique gadgetry. You can also earn experience by riding around in various vehicles and exploring the world of Aida. While players have started progressing through the game rapidly, […]