Best characters in Omega Strikers – Tier List

Omega Strikers combines fast-paced gameplay with strategic action in 3v3 matches. With only three characters per team, it really matters which character you choose. This may leave you wondering who the best characters in Omega Strikers are. All characters in Omega Strikers, ranked Tier Forward Goalie S Era, Estelle, Juliette Asher, Dubu A Asher, Drek’Ar, […]

Why aren’t my Omega Strikers Twitch Drops working?

Omega Strikers has entered the arena and brought with it fast-paced competitive action. Developer Odyssey Interactive has enlisted several big-name streamers to spread awareness for the game, including a Twitch Drop campaign. However, many players are reporting issues with Twitch Drops not working. This may leave you wondering how to fix Omega Strikers Twitch Drops not working. […]

Best builds for Asher in Omega Strikers

There are many characters to choose from in Omega Strikers, and you will want to pick one that meshes with your play style and team synergy. Asher is the first character added to Omega Strikers’ roster, meaning you will see a lot of her at first. It also helps that she is good at defense […]

Does Omega Strikers have a practice mode?

Omega Strikers combines fast-paced air hockey gameplay with a hero-style brawler, creating a thrilling and competitive experience. With over ten characters and various mechanics to learn, Omega Strikers can be challenging for newcomers to pick up. This may leave you wondering if there is a single-player or practice mode in Omega Strikers. Is there a […]