All Past Challenges and Requirements in BitLife

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Over the years since BitLife's launch back in 2018, the developers have launched in-game challenges that task players with completing a set of objectives. Completing all objectives by an end date would reward players with special items that players can use in the game. Here you will find all Past weekly challenges and requirements in BitLife.

What are BitLife Challenges?

BitLife Challenges are weekly events launched every week that task players with completing a set of objectives. The objectives for each challenge vary between a specific theme for the week. Around holidays the theme tends to be based on the given holiday. Other Challenges can have a random theme based on Movies or popular YouTubers. Completing any of the weekly challenges will earn players an in-game item that varies with each challenge.

When do challenges get released for BitLife?

A new challenge will launch every week on Saturday at 3pm EST. You can keep up with new challenges by following the official BitLife Twitter.

Active BitLife Challenge

The challenge listed below is currently active:

Expired BitLife Challenges

All of these challenges are Expired and can not be completed again, However, similar objectives from these challenges may appear in new challenges.

BitLife Alphabet Challenge

BitLife Ghostbusters Challenge

BitLife Shamrock Challenge

BitLife Gold Digger Challenge

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BitLife April Fools' Challenge

BitLife Black Widow Challenge

BitLife 420 Challenge

  • 420 Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born somewhere where recreational marijuana is legal
    • Be a farmer
    • Have a daughter named Maryjane
    • Have a perfect relationship with Maryjane
    • Be on a Hot Cheetos diet for 30+ years

BitLife Vampire Challenge

BitLife Tiger King Challenge

BitLife 100 Challenge

  • 100 Challenge Requirements:
    • Be 100 years old
    • Have a bank balance of exactly $100
    • Have 100% Happiness
    • Have 100% Health
    • Have 100% Smarts
    • Have 100% Looks

BitLife House Flipper Challenge

BitLife Dog House Challenge

BitLife Surprise Millionaire Challenge

BitLife Influencer Challenge

BitLife Baby Mama Challenge

BitLife Rock Star Challenge

BitLife Brangelina Challenge

BitLife Groupie Challenge

BitLife Forrest Gump Challenge

BitLife I Hate Work Challenge

BitLife Ferris Bueller Challenge

BitLife Monopoly Challenge

BitLife Marathon Challenge

BitLife Shawshank Challenge

  • Shawshank Challenge Requirements:
    • Get convicted for murder in the USA
    • Spend 30 years in American prison
    • Get beaten 5+ times by prison gangs
    • Escape after 30 years
    • Emigrate to Mexico

BitLife Gambler Challenge

  • Gambler Challenge Requirements:
    • Acquire $10m+ in lifetime casino earnings
    • Win bets on 10+ horses
    • Use "Surprise Me" 15+ times
    • Overcome an addiction to gambling
    • Leave Las Vegas

BitLife Porn Star to President Challenge

BitLife Prime Time Challenge

BitLife Spooktober Challenge

BitLife Karen Challenge

BitLife Black Panther Challenge

BitLife Genghis Khan Challenge

BitLife K-Pop Challenge

BitLife Dark Knight Challenge

BitLife Joker Challenge

  • Joker Challenge Requirements:
    • Be a male
    • Become a clown
    • Rob a bank with silly string
    • Kill 6+ people
    • Escape prison 3+ times

BitLife Bad Santa Challenge

  • Bad Santa Challenge Requirements:
    • Be a male
    • Become Santa
    • Be depressed
    • Burgle 10 homes
    • Shoplift 10 items
    • Tell a child that Santa isn’t real

BitLife Resolution Challenge

BitLife Crazy Ex Challenge

  • Crazy Ex Challenge Requirements:
    • Stalk a total of four exes
    • Violate restraining orders four times
    • Kill an ex's new lover
    • Arrange booty calls with three exes
    • Marry an ex who had a restraining order put on you

BitLife Gatsby Challenge 

Gatsby Challenge Requirements:

  • Live in New York
  • Be a famous author
  • Have 20+ friends
  • Throw 10+ wild parties in your mansion
  • Become addicted to alcohol

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BitLife Mean Girls Challenge

BitLife Finding Nemo Challenge

BitLife Twilight Challenge

  • Twilight Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born a female in Phoenix
    • Join the Goths clique
    • Marry the first boy you date
    • Marry before the age of 20
    • Have a daughter named Renesmee

BitLife Valentine's Challenge

  • Valentine's Challenge Requirements:
    • Cheat on a lover
    • Call off an engagement
    • Marry someone within a year of knowing them
    • Celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary
    • Renew your vows

BitLife Titanic Challenge

BitLife Dr. Dolittle Challenge

BitLife Barbie Challenge

BitLife Belko Challenge

BitLife Achilles Challenge

  • Achilles Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born a male in Greece
    • Join the Army
    • Serve in 3+ military deployments
    • Have 100% happiness, health, smarts, and looks
    • Join the wrestling team
    • Suffer from athlete’s foot (For IOS users only)

BitLife Eat Pray Love Challenge

  • Eat Pray Love Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born in the United States
    • Become a famous author
    • Get divorced
    • Experience Mediterranean food in Italy
    • Achieve inner peace in India
    • Find Love love in Indonesia

BitLife Supercentenarian Challenge

Supercentenarian Challenge Requirements:

  • Start a first-generation Life
  • Live to the age of 120

BitLife Shaolin Monk Challenge

  • Shaolin Monk Challenge Requirements:
    • Be a Monk for 20+ consecutive years
    • Mediate annually for 30+ years.
    • Earn the top belt in every martial art
    • Kill at least three people with martial art moves

BitLife Harley Quinn Challenge

BitLife Pewdiepie Challenge

  • Pewdiepie Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born a male in Sweden
    • Post only gaming videos on YouTube
    • Have at least one YouTube video go viral
    • Get 10+ milion subsribers on YouTube 

BitLife Kentucky Derby Challenge

BitLife Mother's Day Challenge

  • Mother's Day Challenge Requirements:
    • Be kind to your Mother
    • Buy your mother a house
    • Mother 3+ children
    • Buy each of your children a house
    • Have a perfect relationship with each of your children.

BitLife Get Around Challenge

  • Get Around Challenge Requirements:
    • Have lovers from 5+ different countries
    • Bear 3+ children in different countries
    • Engage in 3+ threesomes
    • Contact 3+ different sexually transmitted diseases.

BitLife Real Housewife Challenge

  • Real Housewife Challenge Requirements:
    • Be Female
    • Marry Rich
    • Have 3+ female friends make you their enemy
    • Go to a party with someone to you started a rumor about
    • Develop an addiction
    • Own a Range Rover

BitLife Motorhead Challenge

  • All Motorhead Challenge Requirements:
    • Become a mechanic
    • Have 5+ cars in perfect condition
    • Perform routine maintenance on your cars 30+ times
    • Perform 10+ routine repairs on your cars
    • Have a 30+ year old car

BitLife Land, Sea & Air Challenge

  • Land, Sea & Air Challenge Requirements:
    • Assemble a car collection worth $1m+
    • Assemble a watercraft collection worth $1m+
    • Assemble an aircraft collection worth $1m+
    • Survive a dangerous encounter in one of your boats or planes

BitLife Schwarzenegger Challenge

BitLife Father's Day Challenge

  • Father's Day Challenge Requirements:
    • Go fishing with your father
    • Buy your father a truck
    • Father 3+ children
    • Buy each of your children a car
    • Have a perfect relationship with each of your children

BitLife Pride Challenge

  • Pride Challenge Requirements:
    • Join the LGBTQ+ community
    • Find and date 10+ lovers using the Gay dating App
    • Get married and adopt 4+ children
    • Achieve 100% happiness after the above

BitLife Freedom Challenge

  • Freedom Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born in the United States
    • Join any branch of the Military 
    • Achieve the rank of General or Admiral
    • Get deployed 3+ times
    • Serve until you're forced to retire

BitLife Goodfellas Challenge

  • Goodfellas Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born a male in New York
    • Join the Italian Mafia 
    • Make it to underboss
    • Whack 5+ mobsters
    • Become an Informant
    • Enter the witness protection program

BitLife Manic Mother Challenge

BitLife Deadbeat Dad Challenge

  • Deadbeat Dad Challenge Requirement:
    • Become a Father
    • Never have a full-time job
    • Abandon 2+ children from different woman
    • Gamble away a lot of money
    • Have your home repossessed
    • Reconnect with an estranged child

BitLife Fast and Furious Challenge

BitLife Red Queen Challenge

  • Red Queen Challenge Requirements:
    • Become a Queen
    • Stay married for 25+ years
    • Own a haunted royal estate
    • Make 10+ friends
    • Use 10+ different execution methods to kill your friends

BitLife WAP Challenge

  • Wap Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born female in New York
    • Become a stripper
    • Become a famous rapper 
    • Have 2+ double-platinum singles
    • Bathe 5+ cats

BitLife Mamba Challenge

  • Mamba Challenge Requirements:
    • Become a pro basketball player
    • Trash talk 3+ opponents
    • Win 5+ championships
    • Win an MVP award
    • Get inducted into the Hall of Fame

BitLife King Henry VIII Challenge

BitLife Tanya Bregar Challenge

  • Tanya Bregar Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born a female in Canada
    • Have a perfect relationship with a rabbit named Coco
    • Amass a million followers on social media
    • Have at least ten children
    • Burgle at least ten houses
    • Marry Rich

BitLife Rocket Man Challenge

BitLife Demon Slayer Challenge

BitLife Crazy Cat Lady Challenge

BitLife Birthday Challenge 

BitLife Dangerous Woman Challenge

  • Dangerous Woman Challenge Objectives:
    • Be born a female in Miami
    • Become a Famous Singer
    • Have 6+ albums hit platinum or higher
    • Call off 4+ engagements
    • Complete the challenge before you turn 30

BitLife Paranormal Challenge

BitLife Bijuu Mike Challenge

  • Bijuu Mike Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born a male in the United States
    • Make a viral BitLife video
    • Go 50+ years without posting another BitLife Video
    • Achieve 3+ million subscribers on YouTube

BitLife Halloween Challenge 

BitLife The V Challenge 

  • V Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born a male in the United Kingdom
    • Read The Communist Manifesto
    • Rob a bank wearing a Guy Fawkes mask
    • Go to prison and work as a barber for 5+ years
    • Escape prison in a riot

BitLife My Way Challenge

  • My Way Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born a male in New Jersey
    • Become a Famous solo artist
    • Join the Italian mafia
    • Acquire $1m+ in lifetime casino earnings
    • Have 2+ albums hit double platinum or higher

BitLife Friend to Foe Challenge

Friend to Foe Challenge Requirements:

  • Kill a minimum of 6+ best friends in your lifetime

BitLife Legally Blonde Challenge

BitLife King to Kingpin Challenge

BitLife DogLife Challenge

BitLife Elf Challenge

BitLife New Year, New You Challenge

BitLife CatLife Challenge

  • CatLife Challenge Requirements:
    • Try our new game, CatLife. You can download it now!

BitLife Brains & Beauty Challenge

BitLife Mischief Managed Challenge

BitLife Lex Luthor Challenge

BitLife Wild West Challenge

  • Wild West Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born in Chicago
    • Become a famous rapper
    • Have 9+ hit gold or higher
    • Have children named North, South, East, and West
    • Run unsuccessfully for president

BitLife Rain Man Challenge

Rain Man Challenge Requirements:

  • Get a Memory Score of 25+ on the memory test

BitLife Jacksepticeye Challenge

BitLife Online Troll Challenge

  • Online Troll Challenge Requirements:
    • Be on the Hot Cheetos diet
    • Become famous on Social Media
    • Troll 10+ friends on social media
    • Troll 3+ celebrities on Social Media
    • Troll BitLife on Social Media +5 times.

BitLife Office Olympian Challenge

  • Office Olympian Challenge Requirements:
    • Work a Corporate job in Scranton, Pennsylvania
    • Prank a single co-worker 5+ times
    • Get a Promotion while working less than expected
    • Get a co-worker fired
    • Marry a co-worker

BitLife Can't Catch Me Challenge

BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge

  • Wall Street Wolf Challenge Requirements:
    • Become a stockbroker
    • Build a bank balance of $22 million
    • Develop an addiction
    • Contract 4+ different sexually transmitted diseases
    • Purchase and sink a yacht
    • Server 2+ years in prison

BitLife Globetrotter Challenge

BitLife Euphoria Challenge

  • Euphoria Challenge Requirements:
    • Develop an addiction
    • Relapse after battling an addiction
    • Hook up with 20+ people before age 20
    • Start rumors about 5+ friends
    • Assault your best friend

BitLife Full-Time, Part-Time Challenge

BitLife Hard-Knock Nun Challenge

  • Hard Knock Nun Challenge:
    • Become a nun
    • Burgle 3+ homes
    • Steal 2+ cars
    • Murder at least one person in a drive-by
    • Mediate after each crime

BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge

BitLife RankLife Challenge

BitLife Jekyll & Hyde Challenge

BitLife Treat Yourself Challenge

BitLife Creeper By The Dozen Challenge

BitLife Queen Mother Challenge

BitLife The O Challenge

  • O Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born a female in Mississippi
    • Major in journalism while on a scholarship
    • Become a famous reporter
    • Give away 10+ cars and 5+ houses
    • Write a best-selling book

BitLife's Next Top Model Challenge

BitLife Bridgerton Challenge

  • Bridgerton Challenge Requirements:
    • Be born a female in the UK
    • Become a famous Author
    • Attend 15+ parties with your friends
    • Spread rumors about your friends 10+ times
    • Marry a royal

BitLife Under the Sea Challenge

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All Past Challenges and Requirements in BitLife

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