Best CS:GO Surf Servers List (June 2023)

Surfing has become one of the most popular pastimes in CS:GO, and for good reason. Not only is it an exciting and fun way to improve your skills and movement in-game, but it also provides a unique challenge that many players can’t resist. From learning how to bunny hop and strafe, to mastering the art […]

Best CSGO Crosshair Codes (2023) – Best Crosshair Settings!

Choose your weapon loadout (unless you’re playing eco) and pick a site to defend or attack for another round of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! In this tactical, action-packed FPS, you can play as a CT or a Terrorist, secure bomb sites or plant bombs, rescue hostages, and much more. An incredibly addictive experience, this ever-popular shooter […]

All Changes in Counter Strike 2 – Tick Rate, New Maps, & Smoke Grenades

For anyone who is a Counter-Strike player, these are some truly exciting times. Valve, the creators of Counter-strike, have begun posting new, fundamental changes coming in the game’s upcoming sequel. Some of the changes are subtle in nature, while many are significant enough to be total game changers. It’s imperative to know all the changes […]

Best Smoke Spots on Anubis in CS: GO

Anubis is one of the newest maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and will be part of the active duty map pool. Smokes are a vital piece of any strategy in the game. Players must study every map with different smoke spots and angles to play effectively. This article will discuss some of the best smoke spots on […]