What are Trinkets in Deathloop – What do they do?

Trinkets are a valuable resource in Deathloop. They effectively buff Colt by altering his stats, changing his abilities, or modifying his weapons. Needles to say, you’ll want to find them whenever you can. There are two types of Trinkets in Deathloop that players should identify. Character Trinkets affect Colt’s body while weapon Trinkets affect his […]

How to Unlock the Quantum Solution Trophy in Deathloop

Deathloop offers players a variety of ways to eliminate the eight targets hiding out on Blackreef. To earn the Quantum Solution trophy will take several attempts, so if at first, you don’t succeed, die, die again. Players will have to memorize certain areas, like Dr. Wenji’s lab. Quantum Solution tasks Colt with killing all versions […]

Does Julianna get extra lives in Deathloop?

Part of what makes Deathloop so unique is the rival assassin that chases Colt throughout the story. Julianna Blake is playable, and other players may invade a game to try and reset the day, but does she have extra lives as Colt does? Unlike Colt, Julianna only gets one life per day on Blackreef. She […]

Can you kill the targets in any order in Deathloop?

In Deathloop, Colt has to kill eight Visionaries to break the time loop on Blackreef island. To do this takes time, practice, and an understanding of how the game works. That includes knowing who to target when and where these Visionaries hide. Players can target and kill each of Deathloop’s Visionaries in whatever order they […]