How to find all resources in New World

New World has many resources, all of which can be gathered, refined, or crafted using the appropriate skill. In order to track a specific resource, you will first need to reach a certain skill level. For example, you can gather Silver at level 10, but will not be able to track it until level 35. […]

How to get Honing Stones in New World

Amazon’s New World offers players many things to do in the MMO. Players can explore the world of Aeternum, harvest plants, and engage in thrilling combat. Of course, as players fight, their weapons eventually become dull and need to be sharpened. This is done with honing stones which may leave players wondering how to get […]

Best Cooking Recipes in New World

Cooking in New World is just one of the many facets of the game that is as rewarding as it is tedious. It can be near impossible to remember what recipes you want or need on the fly. On top of that, getting the recipe you want depends entirely on what you want from it, […]

Best Fishing Spots in New World

One thing that most can agree on about New World is that its map is especially large, even for a game in its genre. It can be hard to recollect where all the cities and regions are while playing, much less remember the best places to fish. Whether you’re a high enough level to see […]

Best PVP builds in New World

The real end game of New World is PvP, with players and their factions going head-to-head against each other to control different parts of Aeternum. Here are some of the best PvP builds in the game to ensure opponents will fall before a player’s feet. Void Gauntlet / Life Staff This build looks to build […]