Several Apex Legends players falsely banned due to anti-cheat software glitch

Apex Legends doesn’t shy away from banning cheaters and exploiters. Yesterday, however, a lot of innocent players got caught in the crossfire. Easy Anti-Cheat, Apex Legends’ anti-cheat software, is an anti-cheat software that doesn’t have deep access to a player’s computer. That said, it is not without its faults. Due to an error with the […]

Is there a PS5 version of Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a cross-platform, cross-party game. Some players play on PC, while others play on various consoles. Apex Legends is available for PlayStation 4, and this version is playable on PlayStation 5, but is Apex Legends actually on the PS5? The file for a PS5 version of Apex Legends is there (an 80 GB […]

All returning Legend skins in the Dark Depths Event for Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Dark Depths Event mainly focuses on its brand-new skins, but more quietly, in the Special Offers store, the event also brings back some fan-favorites from various collection events. In total, four skins are coming back, all Legendary-tier, but each is only available via their respective bundles. The Legends seeing returning skins for the Dark […]