Halo Infinite Co-Op – How to play the campaign with friends

Halo Infinite did not launch without Co-Op multiplayer. Instead, fans were promised the inclusion of the game mode later in the game’s life. Originally due to release at the start of Halo Infinite’s Season 2, the Co-Op multiplayer was eventually pushed into the foreseeable future. Halo Infinite developers are finally ready to start testing Co-Op […]

How old is Master Chief in Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite marks the return of one of Microsoft’s most iconic characters: Master Chief. Spartan-117 is back to explore the mysterious Zeta Halo and save the galaxy again as he searches for his lost friend, Cortana. Master Chief’s age in Halo Infinite Halo Infinite takes place in 2560, as evidenced by several of the story […]

Do I need MCC to play Halo Reach? – Answered

Halo is one of the greatest FPS series, and for a long time, it was exclusive to Xbox. This has changed, and most of the series is available on PC, especially with the introduction of the Master Chief Collection. But if you were looking to play a specific title (like Halo Reach, for example), you […]