Among Us Hats: Where to Find all the Hats

One of the most popular features about Among Us is the ability to change hats in the game to show off a bit of flair. Sometimes hosts require a specific hat to be worn to participate in a match, perhaps to show solidarity between crewmates. The vast majority of the time, though, players want to […]

Every Among Us Character, Ranked by Popularity

Among Us skyrocketed from a mostly unknown game to one of the most popular games in the world seemingly overnight. This betrayal-centered murder-mystery game features a plethora of colors for players to end up as when they join the match. It seems only natural that some of these colors end up being more popular than […]

How to Proximity Chat in Among Us

Among Us is holding steady as one of the most popular multiplayer, cross-platform games on the market. Many of the most popular streamers are featuring this game as their primary game of choice, and their fans have undoubtedly noticed that they use voice chat while they play. This is possible through a proximity chat mod […]