All Camera Locations In Among Us

Cameras are one of the most useful tools in Among Us. They allow players to have full view of what is going on in specific points of the map. This could be detrimental to the Imposter because if they kill someone within view of a camera, it could mean that one of the crewmates saw […]

Among Us: Patch Notes – (January 2022)

Among Us is still as popular as ever, and we think it’ll stay like this for a very long time, especially if with some of the changes they wish to implement. Innersloth doesn’t have a roadmap for the long haul, but they do have smaller ones, so the massive community behind Among Us has some […]

Is Among Us Cross-Platform?

There are many consoles and locations where you can play Among Us. Additionally, cross-play is supported. You can play Among Us online on Android, iOS, PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. All you need to do to play with friends is exist on the same server. Related: Among Us parental […]