Among Us: Patch Notes November 23

Among Us is still as popular as ever, and we think it’ll stay like this for a very long time, especially if with some of the changes they wish to implement. Innersloth doesn’t have a roadmap for the long haul, but they do have smaller ones, so the massive community behind Among Us has some […]

Among Us: How to Update on PC

Do you want to make enemies with your closest friends, then the easiest way to do that is to betray them when playing Among Us! Among Us has truly taken the world by storm, and with updates coming regularly, everyone is looking forward to what Innersloth has planned for the future! Among Us How to […]

Among Us: How to check Server Status

This year, Among Us soared as one of the most popular online party experiences, and for good reason. This multiplayer social deduction game allowed us to interact with a host of friends while maintaining social distance. From the comfort of our own PCs and mobile devices, players have taken the roles of Impostor and Crewmate, […]

Among Us: New Map and Everything we know!

Among Us has been a groundbreaking game, especially since it’s found it’s a year or two after it’s initial release. Twitch and the community have given Among Us new life, and it is shown by the number of players betraying each other worldwide! With updates comes regularly, everyone is looking forward to what Innersloth has […]

Among Us: How to Close Doors

Among Us is still mind-blowingly popular, and every month it just keeps getting more so. InnerSloth has truly created a hidden gem with this game of honesty and betrayal, mainly betrayal. If we can be completely forthright, this game is the equivalent to Nintendo’s Mario Party, as the closest friends can turn into enemies at […]