How to upgrade your camp in New World

To upgrade your camp in New World, you will need to reach at least level 15 and start the quest Friends and Fashion in Monarch’s Bluff by speaking to Bercina Thornton. Bercina’s quest will require you to gather tattered silk from skeletons. You can get tattered silk from skeletons at the location antares and achernar. You […]

What is the Max Level in New World?

New World is the newest game from Amazon Games and has a vast potential to take the world by storm. The current highest level a player can reach is level 60 The highest level (as of September 2021) is Level 60. It allows you to distribute a lot of skill points into your attributes even if 60 […]

How to turn on Streamer Mode in New World

With the release of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, New World, many fans will want to stream their gameplay to watchers. There can be many issues with trying to stream a game, especially for popular streamers. If you want to play in peace while showing off your New World prowess, you’ll want to enable […]