What are Expeditions in New World

Expeditions are five player-instanced dungeons that were just recently introduced back around March of this year to New World based on player feedback.  The goal of expeditions is to provide a challenging experience that will require players to band together in the pursuit of defeating monsters and gaining sweet loot.  There will also be several expeditions in New […]

How to get and use Azoth in New World

Azoth is an important resource that is needed for several things and activities in New World. One of which is to reset your skills, so luckily, the resource can be found and farmed in several ways.  The first way is from completing quests, as certain ones in the game will reward a small amount of around […]

How to Repair items in New World

If you want to repair your current armor set or weapons, you will need to get repair parts and have a large wallet filled with gold. That said, you can get repair parts by dismantling or salvaging various weapons and armor in the game you will come across. We recommend salvaging anything you don’t plan […]