How many acts in Pentiment

Pentiment is a point-and-click RPG set in Medieval Europe in the 16th Century. You play the role of Andreas Maler, an artist working at an Abbey while living in the nearby village. But when a Baron is murdered at the Abbey, his friend is accused, and you must try to solve the mystery yourself. But […]

How to unlock the Quick Fingers achievement in Pentiment

There’s nothing like spinning some yarns with the gals, especially when there’s a murderer on the loose. On the second day in Act One of Pentiment, you can help Heddy and the townswomen draft wool from the recently shorn sheep. Should you accept, you’ll find yourself in a position to overhear the town’s dirtiest secrets while […]

Who should you eat with in Pentiment?

Pentiment is a historically driven medieval adventure game on PC where players step into the master artist Andreas Maler’s shoes as he attempts to uncover the truth between a gruesome murder, and dangerous conspiracy happening in his town. Activities that may seem unnecessary could make all the difference, such as sharing a meal with someone. […]

How to unlock Lucky’s murder motive in Pentiment

If you like a medieval murder mystery, you’ll likely love Pentiment. This point-and-click adventure game sees you playing the part of 16th Century artist Andreas Maler as he tries to clear the name of his mentor in a murder investigation. One of the prime suspects seems to be local stonemason Lucky. But Lucky isn’t exactly […]

How to find the secret crypt door in Pentiment

Pentiment is a narrative-driven game that puts you in the shoes of Andreas Maler, a painter who finds himself in mysterious events in the 16th Century. During Act One, you must piece information about a murder with limited time. Throughout the days, you can choose how to spend your work time and who to dine […]