FIFA 23 FUT Moments, explained – Rewards, Stories, & Chapters

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team features new single-player challenges called Moments, giving players more opportunities to earn rewards offline. FIFA 23 Moments reward stars that can be used in the Star Gallery to purchase exclusive rewards, items, and keys to unlock more challenges. Moments include categories like Weekly Challenges, Stories, Mini-Games, and more to play. When […]

Best FIFA 23 Celebrations and how to perform them

Scoring a goal in FIFA 23 may be one of the most satisfying experiences, but the celebration that comes after can be very fun to pull off as well. FIFA 23 features a good amount of new celebrations, including some signature player celebrations and some popular dances. To pull off these celebrations, you must press […]

How to do manual headers in FIFA 23

Manual header options are back in FIFA 23. In previous FIFA titles, manual headers were linked with shooting, so there was no option to have assisted shooting and manual headers. In FIFA 23, you now have the option of enabling or disabling manual headers. Here is how to turn the option on and perform a […]

Best Managers in FIFA 23 Career Mode

In FIFA 23, players get to select from a range of clubs from various regions while starting Career Mode, and you can create a custom Manager to join the team. The new authentic Managers feature was added to the game, and it features several popular Managers from soccer leagues all around the world. From legendary […]