Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7 Guide – Challenges & Information

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has dropped! With it comes all the new features, locations, coins, challenges, and everything else to bring us back day in and day out.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Guide

You can use this article as the go-to hub for all information released throughout the season. All the guides and info for challenges, mechanics, and coins you’re looking for will be accessible from these lists.

In this section, you'll find all the necessary information for this week of Season 7! For the full list of this Season's Epic Quests, click here:

Cosmic Summer Challenges


Cheat Sheets

Week 8 Epic Quests

  • Use shield potions in a single match. [0/4]
  • Collect building resources. [0/750]
  • Visit Coral Cove, Base Camp Gold, and Unremarkable Shack. [0/3]
  • Build structures. [0/25]
  • Complete Bounties from Bounty Boards. [0/3]
  • Ignite enemy players or enemy player scructures [0/15]
  • Emote in front of a camera at Believer Beach or Lazy Lake [0/1]

Week 8 Legendary Quests

In this section, we've provided the lists and links of new mechanics and general information that has been changed for the new season. You can follow the links provided to see everything about the new season in more detail!

New Mechanics

Season 7 is already shaping up to introduce plenty of new mechanics and elements to the game. As soon as we have guides available for the new features, we will be sure to add them to this section.

General Info

You can find the full list of all the significant cosmetics leaked or released each week below! These include the skins, pickaxes, wraps, and anything that is not yet available!

In the links listed here, you can see what kind of special skins and rewards you can get in the Season 7 Battle Pass! The Battle Pass has changed this season and we're still collecting this information. As soon as we have all the details, we'll add them here!

You will find the full list of quests related to special events here. With the season having just started, this list may be limited. When more special event quests are added, we'll update as soon as possible!

Superman Quests

These quests are not yet available in the game. When they are, we'll update this section.

  • Talk to a soccer character.
    • Rewards: Clark Kent, Call to Action Emoji, Superman Shield Spray, The Daily Planet Backpack, Secret Identity Emote
  • Complete Epic Quests. [63]
    • Reward: Kal-El's Cape
  • Complete Epic Quests. [68]
    • Reward: Superman Banner Icon
  • Complete Epic Quests. [73]
    • Reward: The Last Son of Krypton Loading Screen
  • Complete Epic Quests. [78]
    • Reward: Solitude Striker
  • Complete Epic Quests. [84]
    • Rewards: Clark Kent (Shadow), Superman's Cape (Shadow), The Daily Planet (The Late Edition), Solitude Striker (Shadow), Kal-El's Cape (Shadow)

We’ve got some significant map changes this season! Here is the full list of locations for the most important things you can find on the map.

In the list below, you can see all the Weekly Epic Quests lists that are either in the game or planned to be in the game for their specific week. If there are links to any of our guides for specific quests, they are linked below.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

  • Deal Damage near an Abductor. [1000]
  • Destroy hiding places. [3]
  • Destroy objects at Retail Row, Lazy Lake, Pleasant Park, or Holly Hatchery. [3]
  • Experience low-gravity with Alien Nanites or on the Mothership. [1]
  • Hunt an infected animal. [1]
  • Travel in a Saucer. [1000]
  • Abduct an opponent with a Saucer tractor beam. [1]

Week 5

  • Destroy computer equipment at satellite stations or Corny Complex. [3]
  • Damage IO Guards. [250]
  • Eliminate Trespassers. [2]
  • Deal damage with IO or Alien Weapons. [500]
  • Loot Supply Drops. [2]
  • Damage a Saucer with a pilot inside. [800]
  • Open an IO Chest at a satellite station or Corny Complex. [1]

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

  • Use shield potions in a single match. [0/4]
  • Collect building resources. [0/750]
  • Visit Coral Cove, Base Camp Gold, and Unremarkable Shack. [0/3]
  • Build structures. [0/25]
  • Complete Bounties from Bounty Boards. [0/3]
  • Ignite enemy players or enemy player scructures [0/15]
  • Emote in front of a camera at Believer Beach or Lazy Lake [0/1]

Week 11

  • Travel in a saucer. [0/2000]
  • Use the Recon Scanner to spot Alien Parasites and Trespassers. [0/1]
  • Interact with equipment at any IO radar dish base. [0/1]
  • Deal damage in alien biomes [0/150]
  • Deal ddamage in alien biomes. [0/1]
  • Dance with an alien parasite at Sunny Shores, Lazy Lake, or Pleasant Park. [0/150]
  • Go for a swim with an Alien Parasite. [0/1]

In the list below, you can see all the Weekly Legendary Quests lists that are in the game or planned to be in the game for their specific week. Legendary Quests only last a week and cannot be completed after that, so this section will not include weeks we've already passed.

Week 3

Week 4

  • Search the farm for clues. [2]
  • Visit Farmer Steel's favorite places. [3]
  • Place missing person signs in Weeping Woods and Misty Meadows. [4]
  • Collect doomsday preppers guide. [1]
  • Forage for food, need supplies. [5]

Week 5

  • Get Slone's orders from a Payphone. [1]
  • Interact with a CB Radio. [1]
  • Place Welcome Gifts in Holly Hatchery. [2]
  • Deploy Alien Nanites. [1]
  • Dance near Zyg and Choppy. [1]
  • Get infected by an Alien Parasite and talk to Sunny. [1]

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

  • Get Slone's orders from a Payphone. [0/1]
  • Collect access card from an IO Guard. [0/1]
  • Plant wiretaps at different key locations [0/3]
  • Interact with an IO operative's computer. [0/1]
  • Mindwip[e Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker, or Human Bill [0/1]
  • Converse with characters to identify an infiltrator [0/5]

Week 9

  • Get Slone’s orders from a Payphone
  • Equip a Detector, then disable an Alien Billboard in one match
  • Collect resources in Holly Hatchery
  • Eliminate Trespassers
  • Place a Bioscanner in an Alien Biome
  • Place Spy Probes

Week 10

  • Get Slone’s orders from a Payphone
  • Damage an opponent in the Slurpy Swamp abduction site
  • Collect a Grab-itron
  • Place video cameras at different landing ship locations
  • Visit an Abductor
  • Visit Slurp Factory inside the Mothership – 30000 XP

XP Coins are floating coins placed throughout the map for players to find. These coins were absent for Chapter 2 Season 6. There is currently no information on when or if they'll return for Season 7. However, there are mentions of XP Coin achievements and milestones in the Fortnite files. If/when XP Coins are made available, we'll have the links to their locations listed here.

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  1. I just found this site. Playing FN since s2c5 and one can see there is a lot of work put into this!
    Besides from a few thing that could need an update this is the site place I could find a total listing of the Epic Challenges for S2C7 in one place.

    1. Hey thank you so much for your kind words! We aim to get everything as perfect as we can be for the next season. Reasons behind the scenes made this season to be harder than usual! We hope to see you back!

  2. 2 of the NPC locations are The little camp looking area just a few meters before the Golden Steel Bridge that takes you to Catty Corner when you come from Misty Meadows follow the road and Riot be at that location reminder a few meters before the Golden Steel Bridge on the right. The 2nd location is At the northeast of Believer Beach which is where Brutus is he will be walking around near his trailer.

  3. THANK YOU!!! You guys have been working really hard today to keep us updated on the new season and it really shows with the countless amount of pages of tips and info for all of us to use! Hopefully you get your well deserved break on the wekend and i will make sure to use your code when buying the battlepass! TY again for the dedication you put to this website!

    1. Digi is absolutely right!! THANK YOU!! This site is perfect for completion of the challenges. I’ve been here ever since Chapter 1 Season 9!!

      1. Thank you ever so much. Honestly, it means the world to us!

    2. Honestly, thank you so much for your kind words. Helping people is why we do this, so having lovely comments from yourself, makes us feel that we’re doing a good job! So from all of PGG, thank you! And we’ll continue to work as hard as ever!